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So, here is the story.  My 89 year-old Mom died about 6 weeks ago (RIP Mom). She saw a real window of opportunity late in her life to help others, and she definitely took advantage of it.

Mom was a smoker for many years. She blamed smoking for her COPD (aka emphysema), her several bouts with mouth cancer and her macular degeneration. She spent the last 10 years of her life helping others quit smoking in on line chat rooms. She loved to play pool when she could still see and she would threaten to beat them with her pool stick. It worked! Many stopped and they give her full credit.

I became friends with a few of them, mostly after Mom’s death, and we still keep in touch on line. One is Bell, who lives in Canada. She is very talented with her little photoshop tool, and has kept our family cheered up royally with her creations. Now, she even has ME washing windows.

Me wash windows? Fat chance Bell, I hire a professional!



Oh boy, it is almost time for my hummingbirds to return.  I love hummingbirds and we have many in our backyard every year. Every morning when I take my walk I listen to Seals and Croft’s 1970 something song HUMMINGBIRD in anticipation for those first scouts to show up and make sure we still have feeders and flowers outside of my sunroom windows.

A friend of mine from way back (thanks Joani) sent me this wonderful link this past weekend.  At least watch the short version.  But the full episode is so worth it!



Watch the longer one instead of renting a movie.  You will be glad you did.

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Two days of blue sky morning has convinced me to post the original WHAT WINDOWS WANT. Hopefully, you are chomping at the bit this weekend and are ready to check out your windows. My almost ready to publish website is for window coverings, but why bother to dress up any window if it is not able to look great naked. So, what do windows want?

I will cover cleaning in a few, but there are 3 other things you need to check out as well. Worn out screens need to be replaced as they really detract from appearance. Water spots caused by misdirected sprinklers look bad and eventually damage the glass. (Will cover more on that in a later post.) Make sure fully-armed plants such as rose bushes are cut back so they do not scratch the glass.

The cleaning part is so easy.  Hire a professional. Okay, I know some of you will never do that. Then buy a great quality squeegee and DO NOT USE ANYTHING but a mild wetting agent (liquid dish soap in very small amount). Oh, and make sure you tackle this without direct sunlight.

Best tip…HIRE A PROFESSIONAL. They are not expensive and it really does improve your outlook on life!



What they really want is SPRING, and not just per the calendar.  This it the second day this week we see snow flurries outside our windows. Geez, will it ever end?  I want at least 14 days of pure sunshine in a row. Afterall, I live where that is usually the case.

What Windows Want Part 2 will follow later with the tale I wanted to tell originally before it started snowing, and it is guaranteed to give you more than a weather report.

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Purpose and Honesty

No hidden agenda here. I originally started this blog because I was instructed to. That statement is long on honesty and a bit short on purpose at this point. Let me explain.

I am launching a website soon. It will offer simple solutions to purchase quality cheap window coverings on line at affordable prices, sort of a “window decor for dummies” theme. However, I see another purpose evolving already; I finally get to eat an elephant.  I love to write and have always wanted to confront writing a book. But, a book is bigger than an elephant, which I have been told you can eat one bite at a time.  Maybe one blog at a time a book would be possible, providing I decide what to write about.

In the meantime, I will dedicate this blog to WINDOWS: dirty windows, clean windows, broken windows and uncovered windows.  I might even talk about windows on your computer screen, windows that get hit by sprinklers, windows that need tinting, windows of opportunity and even windows with hummingbirds outside of them. And, I will not forget to discuss, now and then, customer service issues that come up when you are in the window business as I have been for almost 30 years.


Birth of A Blog

Okay, I delivered four babies, naturally, with almost less pain than I endured starting this blog’s life. It can’t walk or talk yet, but it is screaming to be heard. And, like with a baby (or babies since I delivered twins the last time) it can never return to where it was.

I love light and that means lots of windows (take that metaphorically too!).  My sunroom/office has 20 usually clean, and also naked, windows. It is my favorite room with its undressed windows, but I do appreciate that some windows need to be “dressed up”.  Little baby Blog, learn how to speak clearly fast! And, make it all about WINDOWS.