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on March 27, 2010

Two days of blue sky morning has convinced me to post the original WHAT WINDOWS WANT. Hopefully, you are chomping at the bit this weekend and are ready to check out your windows. My almost ready to publish website is for window coverings, but why bother to dress up any window if it is not able to look great naked. So, what do windows want?

I will cover cleaning in a few, but there are 3 other things you need to check out as well. Worn out screens need to be replaced as they really detract from appearance. Water spots caused by misdirected sprinklers look bad and eventually damage the glass. (Will cover more on that in a later post.) Make sure fully-armed plants such as rose bushes are cut back so they do not scratch the glass.

The cleaning part is so easy.  Hire a professional. Okay, I know some of you will never do that. Then buy a great quality squeegee and DO NOT USE ANYTHING but a mild wetting agent (liquid dish soap in very small amount). Oh, and make sure you tackle this without direct sunlight.

Best tip…HIRE A PROFESSIONAL. They are not expensive and it really does improve your outlook on life!

2 Responses to “WHAT WINDOWS WANT PT2”

  1. Keith Carey says:

    Hire a professional… what great advice. Not only for windows but in life as well 🙂 Is that anything like “seek professional help?”

    Just wondering?


    • Keith, I think you have something there. Especially since “windows” can be used metaphorically for so many things. I will put your service in my blog when I promote up there sometime soon.

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