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on March 31, 2010

So, here is the story.  My 89 year-old Mom died about 6 weeks ago (RIP Mom). She saw a real window of opportunity late in her life to help others, and she definitely took advantage of it.

Mom was a smoker for many years. She blamed smoking for her COPD (aka emphysema), her several bouts with mouth cancer and her macular degeneration. She spent the last 10 years of her life helping others quit smoking in on line chat rooms. She loved to play pool when she could still see and she would threaten to beat them with her pool stick. It worked! Many stopped and they give her full credit.

I became friends with a few of them, mostly after Mom’s death, and we still keep in touch on line. One is Bell, who lives in Canada. She is very talented with her little photoshop tool, and has kept our family cheered up royally with her creations. Now, she even has ME washing windows.

Me wash windows? Fat chance Bell, I hire a professional!

4 Responses to “WOMAN IN RED”

  1. Mozimaker says:

    Great! I wish someone like your mom could have smacked my dad around. That smoking stuff is baaaaad news (just ask my boys!).

  2. Bell says:

    I am totally thrilled you have mentioned the pictures I have done and even used them . It is just a hobby I taught myself after I was left on my own with a computer. Gram was the first woman I got to know and she was a total inspiration in more ways than one . I am so glad to have been in contact with her family. They have cheered me up . As for you washing windows , well I didn’t think you would start but hey you looked better for the photo ! I just love it ! Thanks you very much .. I try to help people who want to quit smoking , but I can never accomplish as much as Gram with her pool-stick ..~~Isabel ;>0

  3. Bell says:

    I am so thrilled by your message Toddy . It means a lot to me . I feel that Gram kinda adopted me , so I guess I now have adopted her family .. Making all these silly photo’s have saved me some days and I am glad to hear they helped you all in a small way . I was worried you all would think I was stalking you , but maybe I am but it is because you all are my therapy ! Glad Gram’s drama is over here on earth , but I image she is mixed up in some kind of drama where she is now ! Thanks Toddy ; >) Canadian Bell !

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