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Please take time to remember what this holiday weekend is about.

Be very grateful for the women and men who have served and are serving in our armed forces.



Do you have sprinklers that put as much water on your windows as they do on the yard or garden? If so, you probably have spots on the glass that not only look bad, but are damaging the window permanently.

First of all, you need to work on prevention. Adjust the sprinkler if possible so it misses the window. If that is not as easy as it sounds, make sure you clean that outside surface often, even if that means investing in a good squeegee and using it each time you water. That, by the way, works on glass shower doors too! May sound like a pain, but it pays off in the long run because water spots will etch the glass, as will just letting the windows get too darn dirty.

There are products out there that can be used to repel water. To get them applied properly or to get water spot removal done (it only works sometimes,so prevention is best) I really suggest that you HIRE A PROFESSIONAL.I am working on my lists of companies all over the US that are the best and offer the most services.

Guess what else I have been working on! Yep, I have been testing the shopping cart and have almost finished up my website. I know you have heard that before so I will stop talking and get back to my testing.

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When I was doing some study this morning, I looked over at my tea mug and decided to read the quote on the tea tag, which I almost never do. It said to me: “Who looks outside,dreams;who looks inside, awakes.” CARL GUSTAV JUNG
It fit what I was reading to a tea! (PUN INTENDED) Funny what we attract just at the right moment sometimes, probably more often than we notice.

And, guess what! I am NOT going to be stuck on 4 in the countdown much longer. After persisting through the muck this week getting the measurements right, the website, that if I remember correctly is going to offer simple solutions for window coverings, WILL BLAST OFF.



Well, I have done 10…9…8 and 7…6…5, but the countdown is stuck on 4! My still not launched, well-waited for, worked on for what seems to be forever website is still not totally completed. Good news is that the “power source ” gave us a solution and we (thank you Erika) are getting it finished.

While you are waiting, are your windows clean yet? Do you know which ones need new clothes?

If you live in near Boise, Idaho hire this professional.  POOR MAN WINDOW CLEANING.

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This is one time that scent- free is not desired. Here is a picture of my BEAUTIFUL BLOSSOM, and I certainly wish you could enjoy the fragrance. Has anyone figured out how to do that on line yet?

Years ago, my first business was an indoor plant store. I had about 150 plants in my own apartment as well. Possibly my favorite was a hanging gardenia plant. I used to wear the flowers in my hair or as a brooch. I have never found a perfume or cologne that captures the real deal.

I had not set up a category for “inside my windows”, but this plant is in my sun-room creating a wonderful fragrance. There are seven more buds that will be blooming later, so expect more pictures.

Yes, there is a website coming! The “powersource” for my site is working on getting the details worked out that are making it impossible to launch. I have always been a square peg that does not fit into a round hole, so what else is new! When you’re not thinking about hummingbirds or gardenias,THINK WINDOW COVERINGS!

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Well this is too wonderful not to share.

While we (thank you Erika) are finishing up the details on my website, take some time and enjoy this live entertainment starring PHOEBE.

All About Phoebe

Bookmark it and visit often!

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7…6…5… DARN!

Okay, so I distorted the truth just a bit. I over-promised and under-delivered for sure. I was not suppose to have a post with 7…6…5 on it at all. I was going to head into the 3…2…1 mode.

I had the expert (my husband) on measuring window coverings look over my site before its overdue launch and boy did he give me an earful.  Working on all the details today to get this show on the road!

In the meantime, find windows in your home that look bored and think about entertaining them with new coverings.

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Yep, the time has come. After way more hesitation than I would have ever imagined, I will be launching my website within the next 48 hours. Its purpose is to offer an easy to navigate and inexpensive way to purchase basic window coverings. If it fails to meet your needs, please feel free to help me improve it.

In the meantime, have you cleaned your windows yet? Don’t let that dirt get baked on with the hot sun. Find a professional window cleaner in your area and get them cleaned soon.

If you live near the Iowa City, Iowa try A NEW VIEW WINDOW CLEANING.

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Well Mom, this is the first MOTHER’S DAY without you here. I know you are fine wherever you are, as I am fine here. We will all be thinking about you as we celebrate the day.

Love ya Mom.


October 4, 1920 – February 18, 2010

To all moms:

Enjoy your families, and have a great day!



As announced in my last post, I hired a professional window cleaner (MY WINDOW MAN) Monday to clean my 30 plus windows. What a treat to have sparkling clean glass to look out of  to view all those birdies in the back yard. The orioles are still visiting, but it is mostly the female. I am delighted they are hanging around.

Between enjoying the birds, visiting with my brother from out of town and finishing up my window covering website to publish (finally) I got a bit distracted.

I am also working on a page in my blog that lists window cleaners that would love to help you see clearly wherever you live.  If you already know of one, leave me a comment and I will add them.

Need window coverings? Window decor for dummies coming soon.

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