For Your Windows


on May 2, 2010

Thank goodness I set up the category “outside my windows”, because this post is all about birds, and I have spent a good portion of the weekend watching birds outside my office/sunroom windows. If your windows are dirty or your window coverings are closed you would not see the birds, so as far as keeping with my blog’s purpose (for your windows) that is enough for me!

This past Thursday the wind blew like a hurricane most of the day. I felt that something great was blowing in, and I was right. Friday morning I spotted the first hummingbird at one of my feeders. In celebration, we bought 2 more feeders, now we have 4, all in plain view from my desk.  I love those little creatures so much that I should probably name each of them.

Now, for the bonus. We have something new here this year in our unmanicured, but work in progress, backyard. A gorgeous Bullock’s Oriole and his mate are sharing the feeders with the hummers. ¬†Hopefully, we can send actual pictures of them soon. And, one thing’s for sure, MY WINDOW MAN is coming to clean the windows tomorrow.

The birds deserve to be seen clearly, outside my windows and yours!

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