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7…6…5… DARN!

on May 14, 2010

Okay, so I distorted the truth just a bit. I over-promised and under-delivered for sure. I was not suppose to have a post with 7…6…5 on it at all. I was going to head into the 3…2…1 mode.

I had the expert (my husband) on measuring window coverings look over my site before its overdue launch and boy did he give me an earful.  Working on all the details today to get this show on the road!

In the meantime, find windows in your home that look bored and think about entertaining them with new coverings.

One Response to “7…6…5… DARN!”

  1. Bell says:

    Oh Toddy , was Glen being hard on you ? Good-Luck on all your endevours . This way you stay out of trouble and give Glen something to complain about . Typical man , if it makes him happy then make sure you give him lots to do ~ Bell

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