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So did you hire that professional window cleaner yet? Thought I would suggest a few more in a couple areas, just in case.

McMahon Window Cleaning if you live in the Chicago area not only does windows, they also clean gutters and and do power washing.

See Clearly Window Cleaning in Portland, Oregon is owned by a nephew we trained many years ago. (Hi Keith) He also will replace your screens.

In the future, I will offer a more complete list on this blog.

Improve your viewpoint. HIRE A PROFESSIONAL!

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Hey, the weekend is here! Have fun and whatever you do, don’t wash your own windows. Call a professional in your area and schedule an appointment for them to do it next week sometime. You will be amazed at the result when done by a professional.

In Albuquerque try My Window Man.

If you are near Canonsburg, PA call Noble Window Cleaning.

Just HIRE A PROFESSIONAL and enjoy your weekend.

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I realized after my last post that some of you may be too young to know the lyrics to the music I played. Well, sorta played.

The song HONEYCOMB was written in 1954 by Bob Merrill. Jimmie Rodgers’s version held the Top Billboard title for 2 weeks in 1957. Ricky Nelson also did a version in 1957 on his debut album(if you do not remember the song, CD is probably a better word for you). Gary Morris released a rendition in 1986.

Hopefully, this clears up any confusion as to why I was talking about a wife named Honeycomb at the end of a post about cellular shades.

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Honeycomb won’t you be my baby, honeycomb be my own…

Honeycomb shades, also called cellular shades, are a great solution for blocking heat out now or keeping it in next January. The insulating cellular design makes them a great choice for saving energy. has them available in many shades and if you buy 3 or more you get $10 off!

Our online store offers them in the singular version, but you can also get a double version if you do a Special Order.

As an extra benefit, cellular shades also keep sound down a bit with hardwood or tile floors. Helps if the music is too loud.

What a darn good life when you got a wife like Honeycomb.

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Today, I am grateful for all the the Dads in my life, my husband, my brother, brother-in-law and my sons-in-law. Thank you for taking care of all the people I love.

And to my Dad, I started the day out remembering you with pictures and your favorite music. I hope you enjoyed it too!

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I was so excited about doing my normal post and talking about screens yesterday I forgot to mention (shout out) that For Your Windows distributed its first online PRESS RELEASE.

Be sure to share it with anyone you know, and thanks for reading my blog!

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My last post talked about weather. Weather should hardly ever determine whether you clean your windows or not, especially if it is just rain.

What will mess things up if it rains on clean windows is dirty screens. Hopefully, you have decided to hire a professional to clean your windows, and they will brush the screens or possibly wash them down depending on what their system is. Make sure you find that out so you can plan ahead, and make sure one way or another the screens will be clean when the windows are finished.

For those of you who are cleaning the windows yourselves, a good dry brushing may do the trick. If you want to scrub them, remove them from the window, use a dry stiff brush (even a wider paint brush just for that works), then apply soapy water and rinse from top to bottom to finish. Clean your windows (please use a squeegee) and put the screen back in.

If any screens are old and bent, consider replacing them. A lot of window cleaners will do that as well, or they know where to go for new ones.

Another reason to HIRE A PROFESSIONAL!

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And, please don’t come back another day. One of the reasons I love New Mexico is because it rains very little most years. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest where that certainly is not the case, especially this year I am told. I love it here in NM because probably 350 days a year we wake up to blue sky.

The window cleaning business is affected bigtime by weather, even though it should not be for the most part. Ask any window cleaner, rain can destroy income for a day, a week, a month and even a whole season. Keep in mind that if your windows are clean, rain will not really affect the newly squeeged surface very much. If you do hire a professional window cleaner, please do not reschedule due to a little water potentially hitting only the outside surface of some of the windows.

I will admit that the window cleaning business can make the owner obsessed at times about the weather. I would sometimes watch every weather report I could find to see which one had the best weather, hoping that was the “real” forecast. I would get upset at friends who told me forecasts I did not want to hear as if it was jinxing what was going to happen. Just ask some of them about the comments or dirty looks I have generated.

Seriously, a lot of us do want to know what the weather is doing now or in the near future for many reasons. A good friend of mine has the best weather site for that information. He has had this site since before blogging was around.  Check it out for sure if you want a great weather report.


Bookmark and make it your main weather source.



In celebration of my long awaited launch (at least by me), or just because it is the weekend, For Your Windows is offering a discount for the very first time!

If your windows are not clean, HIRE A PROFESSIONAL and make them sparkle. Spend your time decorating.

Check out the special discount and have fun dressing up your windows.

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I could probably get very philosophical about this topic, but I will stick to the facts concerning window coverings for now and deal with other areas fitting that title later.

I have added to For Your Windows information about our manufacturer. The window person I live with (yes, I am married to him) has a favorite choice for our source for products. He has measured, sold and installed many window treatments, and since we wanted to keep our online store a simple solution,we decided to stick with one source.

GRABER has been around for over 70 years and we have a wholesale manufacturer and distributor right here in town that we enjoy dealing with. GRABER offers just about anything, so we even have our SPECIAL ORDER department covered.  If a customer wants something GRABER does not offer, we can still very likely find it, but that will not happen often.

Feel free to check out GRABER online. You can see what they offer and you can even have fun with some virtual decorating. They do not sell online or to anyone but dealers.  Guess who that might be!

For Your Windows!

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