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August is here already. No matter where you live, if you are in the USA it is probably hot most of the time. If you have any windows in your home where the sun beats down hard, you might really consider installing either exterior or interior solar shades.

The exterior ones do not interfere with what you choose for interior decor.

The interior style will add to the decor inside.

With either type you can choose different weaves depending on how much light you want to block out, and the neat thing is you can still see outside!  They also come in several, basic colors.

These selections will be up on the site this week, but even now you can order through our SPECIAL ORDER department.

Are you ready to cool down yet?

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Since many of my blog readers are also business owners, like I am and have been for over 35 years, I thought I would talk a bit about competition. I would love any interaction on this as well, so please comment.

I have to admit that opening an online store has been an adventure for sure, but wow is there a lot of competition! I learn so much by checking it all out, but it can be intimidating as well. The only thing that resolves that feeling is remembering what I decided many years ago when we were fairly new in the window cleaning business. And, this still applies to any business, online or not.

We sold our first business after developing it for only 2 years. We had two buyers that wanted it and the broker told us she wished we had two of them to sell. We headed to a new city in a new state and never even researched that city (in Orange county, California) or the businesses in it. We sold that one in less than 2 years. I have  attributed some of our success to our ignorance.

By the time our business here in New Mexico was servicing over 5000 customers I realized something. And, by the way we had trained many window cleaners who ended up starting out on their own by this time. Never focus on the competition; they enhance your industry. Always keep your focus on serving your customers and being the best you can be in your industry. If all businesses did that, just think how wonderfully we would all be served by any industry!  Those who fail at that will close their doors anyway.

At first, I was going to pick only one business of each kind in each location to shout out about. Then I changed my viewpoint.  Let’s all just do the best we can and appreciate that our competition ROCKS!


almost gotcha

I am sure you have noticed my weak title. I feel very challenged and humbled. Yesterday, I posted about all the friendly hummingbirds visiting my feeders. Do you  have any idea how difficult it is to get a picture of that?

They are very friendly, they even tease me by coming right to the window and fluttering about ecstatically, but the nano-second they pick up on what I am doing they perform magic. They disappear or even better they do not appear in the picture even though I think I got it. So here it is, the result. And, yes there is a hummingbird in each of these pictures.

Bottom left hand corner of feeder, you can almost see a tail!

See the head of the little one eating on the right side?

(Making the picture bigger does not help.)

I have new respect for photographers, and for MOTHER NATURE.  A little humility is always good.



Looks like this is going to be an “outside my windows” kinda week. First of all, after an abundance of heat last week, we are now getting a lot rain. Not sure if that is why there seems to be more hummingbirds, but all the new little hummer babies are visiting all of my feeders, and wow, are they colorful: black, green and even orange. Going for some pictures of them soon also as they are very friendly.

Had to share a picture of the overgrown pond outside my sunroom/office windows. There are so many water lilies I cannot even see the fish. I can see the lilies though, and that is because My Window Man washed my windows. I love an abundance of clean windows almost as much as I love an abundance of  hugs from my grandkids.

You can have lots of really clean windows too; HIRE A PROFESSIONAL.

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For Your Windows now has more curtains and drapes. I still need to find a place in my house for some of these very pretty curtains. I bet my oldest granddaughter, who thinks my guest room is her’s anyway, would love these. Might be fun!

Sun Shade selections coming soon. Meanwhile, I am having fun hanging new curtains, even if it is only in my blog.



All my years in the window cleaning business and I can honestly and proudly say, “I don’t do windows.” I talked to a lot of customers, handled many problems, and hired many window cleaners, even fired a few, and I have sold window cleaning companies. I have had dreams (nightmares) about going to a customer’s home with a bucket and squeegee because we were short washers, but I have never actually washed any of their windows.

In the future I will highlight other types of businesses that service homes, other than window cleaners. However, some of those industrious business owners have added window cleaning to what they do otherwise.

If you live in the Minneapolis/St Paul area check out Freedom Cleaning Services. They do just about any cleaning job at your home. It is family owned, reasonably priced and very customer service oriented. They also participate in CLEANING FOR A REASON, helping women who are receiving treatment for cancer.

Guess what, unlike me THEY DO WINDOWS!  And, today is the owner’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Mike.



Because I already posted earlier about THE LITTLE PURPLE SUITCASE, and because this takes place in my sunroom/office with “outside my windows” in plain view, I thought it appropriate to post this news story on my blog.

My mom’s story along with the tale of her little purple suitcase, seems to have taken on a life of its own. Also, this blog originated in the throes of this strange saga. I am pretty sure this will be the last news story about this, so I am very grateful it is a positive one thanks to Misa and Blaze at KOB news here in Albuquerque.

We are looking forward to that last train trip.



Within the last week I have had lengthy and great phone conversations with two dear friends, one of whom has been a friend for almost 50 years. They both live in the Puget Sound Area in Washington state. Having lived in the Pacific Northwest for what still constitutes the larger percentage of my life, just not the most recent, I am very fond of that area.

I love VOLUNTEER PARK and its amazing conservatory, and then there is Pike Street Market with great restaurants (hmmm…beer, sandwiches, seafood, yummy) and shopping. I really need to plan a trip there soon to visit friends and favorite places.

One place I used to go was an amazing nursery in Woodenville.  I love indoor plants and could not believe their selection.

That reminds me, if you STILL have not hired a professional to clean your windows, and you live in the Puget Sound Area give Powerhouse Cleaners a call. They offer a lot of exterior maintenance services along with window cleaning.

Positive sounding off is so much fun!



Can you tell I am listening to piano music, which I love by the way? Well, I can find a way to bring anything back to windows.

Around the turn of the century, and I mean the one that is like 100 years ago, piano leg covers were a popular item. One of their functions was to cover piano legs that were being hit by too much sunlight. Getting the idea yet?

Furniture does not like too much sun, anymore than your skin does. The ultra-violet rays will leach out the color of fabrics, break down the finish on wood and dry up leather. That damage is irreversible. Arranging your furniture properly helps, but is not always the favorite solution. Tinting windows has been a remedy over the recent years, but it definitely makes window cleaning challenging because tinting scratches easily. Professional window cleaners often learn how to remove tint as a result; their customers want windows that do not look scratched. If you are building a new home or replacing windows a good choice would be to check out low-e thermals where the tinting is inside the glass.

Regular window coverings will help for sure, but better yet, solar shades may be the answer. For Your Windows will be offering these very soon, along with our new selections of curtain and drapes. Right now please remember we have a SPECIAL ORDER option as well.

Guess you can throw out those piano leg covers.



You have probably noticed me mention Erika in my posts. She has been a mentor, a teacher, a supporter and even a blog sitter for me. This week I feel inspired to validate and acknowledge, and just plain be grateful.

Erika is a virtual personal assistant, and you might say she ships nationwide like For Your Windows, because she can help you by phone or computer where ever you are. Visit her here and check out all the different things you can get her help with. It is perfect when you don’t need an employee, you just need a little help. If she does not know how now she will learn it faster than you can.

Erika, thank you for being virtually persistent.