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on July 10, 2010

Weather has been a topic here several times, probably because climate and weather have a lot of effect on window cleaning schedules when one is in the window cleaning business. I find weather to be very intriguing, especially when it becomes an external force outside me that affects my attitude. I live in a sunny climate that probably averages less than 30 totally overcast days per year. We almost always have blue sky, especially in the morning. When we have a cloudy day I sometimes find it refreshing, but only if it is just one day. After that, I want my sunshine again.

Even though I know my inner peace is internal, I observe myself get very frustrated (which is internal)when the weather, an external condition, is not doing what I want, kind of like when one of my kids did not do what I wanted. How silly is that?

This is interesting to me because my “inner peace” is in pretty good shape these days, and I chuckle when some outside issue disturbs it. I do not want weather to have that kind of power either.

I am requesting some interaction here. Please comment. Tell me what outside force affects you the most? Is it weather or not?

6 Responses to “WEATHER OR NOT”

  1. Randy says:

    I live in the southeast part of the U.S.
    Needless to say, the weather here is very changeable and that change is quick.

    Moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, keeps plenty of moist air in place anytime of the year. Tornadoes, hurricanes, rain, and snow are all in the mix.

    The worse weather for me and my feelings are without a doubt, the cold in the winter. Many times, the cold days are filled with lots of clouds.
    I believe their is an syndrome for winter and cloudy days, and I may very well have a text-book case of it!

    Cheers for now, the sun is out and beaming today!

  2. toddy says:

    Thanks Randy for your comment. Glad it is sunny there today. Yep, SAD,Seasonal Affective Disorder, hits a lot of peeps.Funny, I lived in the Pac NW for the first 36 years of my life a lot of cloudy days and it never bothered me until I started a biz that was affected by it.

  3. Nancy Blackburn says:

    You ask ‘weather’ or not an outside force can affect my inner peace. Well, yes, but it’s not usually the weather. It’s most often my own reaction to an event or person that disturbs me. I know I have no control over the outside world, but I can control myself and my reaction to it. Work in progress!

    • Great answer Nancy. I guess we all choose what we let have “power” over us. Learning that we can make a new decision is part of that “work in progress”. Thanks for participating.

  4. Teresa says:

    Over the years of also being in a weather driven business (roofing) I have learned to enjoy all kinds of weather. After all storms make windows dirty and roofs leak. I found out that even though the exterminator may have to come back and spray again, he doesn’t mind because rain makes more bugs hatch. True work may be temporarily interrupted but along with that storm comes the potential for beautiful flowers and trees, meadows and forrests. And when it is calm and dry, I can catch up on my paperwork and other backlogged projects. That is when I do customer care and organize my next promotional endeavor. It feels more like a harmonious flow now that it used to be when I would fret if it stormed too much or tll little. Working with what we have gives internal peace too.

    • Teresa, I hoped you would comment. Your biz gets affected like the window biz does, just in the opposite weather. We both know that the weather is just one example of an outside force that potential disrupts our peace. Nice when we reach a place where nothing outside, weather or not, does!

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