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on July 22, 2010

All my years in the window cleaning business and I can honestly and proudly say, “I don’t do windows.” I talked to a lot of customers, handled many problems, and hired many window cleaners, even fired a few, and I have sold window cleaning companies. I have had dreams (nightmares) about going to a customer’s home with a bucket and squeegee because we were short washers, but I have never actually washed any of their windows.

In the future I will highlight other types of businesses that service homes, other than window cleaners. However, some of those industrious business owners have added window cleaning to what they do otherwise.

If you live in the Minneapolis/St Paul area check out Freedom Cleaning Services. They do just about any cleaning job at your home. It is family owned, reasonably priced and very customer service oriented. They also participate in CLEANING FOR A REASON, helping women who are receiving treatment for cancer.

Guess what, unlike me THEY DO WINDOWS! ¬†And, today is the owner’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Mike.

3 Responses to “THEY DO WINDOWS”

  1. freedomclean says:

    Thank you, Toddy! How very nice of you to A) Mention our company and B) Bake me a cake! This has been an outstanding year for me and getting to know you has been a big part of it. Keep doing the great things you do!

  2. Toddy says:

    Thanks Mike! I hope you had a great birthday.

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