For Your Windows


on July 26, 2010

Looks like this is going to be an “outside my windows” kinda week. First of all, after an abundance of heat last week, we are now getting a lot rain. Not sure if that is why there seems to be more hummingbirds, but all the new little hummer babies are visiting all of my feeders, and wow, are they colorful: black, green and even orange. Going for some pictures of them soon also as they are very friendly.

Had to share a picture of the overgrown pond outside my sunroom/office windows. There are so many water lilies I cannot even see the fish. I can see the lilies though, and that is because My Window Man washed my windows. I love an abundance of clean windows almost as much as I love an abundance of  hugs from my grandkids.

You can have lots of really clean windows too; HIRE A PROFESSIONAL.

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