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“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”
— Elizabeth Kübler-Ross-author

I love it when things come down to windows.



The article I am highlighting here today almost leaves me blogless (speechless).

You all know how I feel about my hummers outside my windows. This does not offend me in any way, but I really just do not know how to comment. My hummingbirds offer me so much peace (internal, not in the world)that this really did throw me off. Maybe, my relationship with hummers has become a bit too special. I wonder if it would bother me if it was a wasp, or dragonfly?  Life is interesting.

Future of Warfare

Any comments?, because I have no more to say. I even left in “uncategorized”.

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My big brother sent me an email last night with a note and an attachment. He had his own newspaper in the 1970’s and I wrote a column each month on plant care called Branching Out. We considered me somewhat of an expert because I had a green thumb and I owned an indoor plant store.

He accused me of being a “big blogger” now and wanted to remind me of my background. He told me that this paper was used for the bottom of bird cages too. The picture does not come through real well, and you could probably fit a bird underneath where I could not figure out how to crop it,but I think it proves that I used to write before blogs were popular.

I personally do not see any bird poop. And, I don’t think my brother even owns a bird.



Or, maybe they are down to block out the sun. Whichever, they are up at the online store and ready to ship out nationwide. I know that the temperatures are decreasing but light weave solar shades protect furniture and minimize glare without blocking the view to the outside so they are perfect all year round.

You can choose between different weaves depending on how much light needs filtering, and different basic colors to match your decor. If you need motorized controls, we can help you through our SPECIAL ORDER department.

Order any 3 items and receive $10 off through 9/20/2010.

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It pleases me to end my quiet Friday evening with a blog post about the ending of Pillars of the Earth, especially since the last scene was about windows. In EVOLVING CATHEDRALS I talked about this mini-series.

Tom the Builder was right. And I get to blog about pretty windows. Perfection!

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Well, it is just one of those days. Not feeling overwhelmed and the hummers are not underfed like yesterday, but it is definitely a day I am looking inward instead of outward.

Yesterday I had something happen in a business setting that totally blindsided me. We have all had it happen at times throughout our lives I am sure. In grade school we probably called it “schoolyard cruelty” . I am not sure what to call it when we are older and “adult like”, but I do know it still hurts. When we are business owners it can even be a customer who makes us feel only an inch high or smaller. In my case, it was another business owner, and it was a total surprise.

I see this as a window of opportunity to blog about one of my favorite topics: forgiveness. Enjoy this wonderful video about just that. And thanks to my daughter, Kelly, for sharing it with me.

The Gift of Forgiveness



No, I am not underfed, but I am a little overwhelmed. Underfed refers to the hummingbirds whose feeders needed a little attention because I was not here for 5 days. My trustworthy “house-sitter” took care of plants and kitty cat, thank goodness (and Maria).

That might be the only thing that is taking place “outside my windows” today as I deal with inside stuff like sorting through 200 emails, 3 appointments and a business luncheon, a good portion window related in one way or another.

Had a fun trip, but I am looking forward to blogging as usual. Look for a few changes this week in For Your Windows and this blog.

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Short and sweet today. I am not even on my own puter. In Yuma, Arizona and it is too darn hot! We are visiting one of our daughters and her family. We are getting ready to cook some steaks, and we could probably do it on the sidewalk.

Won’t be finding any pictures, but I will probably take some tomorrow if the camera hasn’t melted.

I will tell you this; the windows are closed tight, the ac is on full blast and we are chillin.

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Nope, we never cleaned  the windows in this house, even though it is right here in town. Not sure anyone has because the windows have never looked very clean. I did see the house and its owner on the news once, with a story about his reason for designing it this way, but sorry it escaped me then too. I often question whether or not people think about window cleaning when they design something unique (weird).

I wonder if any window coverings are in order?

Okay, window cleaners out there, anyone up to the challenge?

This house gives new meaning to HIRE A PROFESSIONAL.



I am hooked. My husband and I are really enjoying the STARZ mini-series, Pillars of the Earth, based on Ken Follett’s 934 page book. The story revolves around building the biggest cathedral ever in about the 12th century. This last episode, Tom the Builder, one of the main characters, shows his sons a piece of  glass and tells them that in the future buildings will be built with it. Not sure if he meant the walls or the windows, but either way he was right.

This is what he was building with hundreds of helpers and years of hard work.

Fast forward many years to the 20th century. Tom the Builder’s prediction manifests in many ways, including this amazing structure in California, the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove.

You think they HIRE A PROFESSIONAL to do the windows?

Wonder if they need some Solar Shades?