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on August 29, 2010

My big brother sent me an email last night with a note and an attachment. He had his own newspaper in the 1970’s and I wrote a column each month on plant care called Branching Out. We considered me somewhat of an expert because I had a green thumb and I owned an indoor plant store.

He accused me of being a “big blogger” now and wanted to remind me of my background. He told me that this paper was used for the bottom of bird cages too. The picture does not come through real well, and you could probably fit a bird underneath where I could not figure out how to crop it,but I think it proves that I used to write before blogs were popular.

I personally do not see any bird poop. And, I don’t think my brother even owns a bird.

2 Responses to “BRANCHING OUT”

  1. Teresa says:

    How old school and cool.

  2. toddy says:

    Know what you mean, Teresa. I was so glad he had this.

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