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Yep, there we are again talking about windows. I avoided talking about the tax credit issue concerning replacement windows for quite awhile and now I know why, it presents me with a definite challenge.

I will start with the reality part, and please keep in mind I am a novice at this information. After almost 30 years in window related businesses, maybe it is about time, but that is not the hat I wore through those years.  I am presenting it as a guideline to at least lead you in the right direction if you are looking to replace windows, build a new house and take advantage of the tax credit that is good through the end of this year.

Only if you are as naive as I was, do you need to know that the list below has to do with the frame of a window. (Please don’t make me explain as it makes me look pretty stupid.)

WOOD: These are more expensive, look very nice and the maintenance is the most challenging.

ALUMINUM: The cost is a lot less, and because aluminum contract and expands more (especially the darker colors) windows that leak are more common.

VINYL: Also a lower cost, and subject to warping and UV damage.

FIBERGLASS: Interesting! Hubby, who has been around lot’s of windows is actually out researching this one. Does not think he has ever seen. I do know they are top of the line without as many problems, which means they cost more. Good time for a tax credit. I will report back on his findings.

He did give me his opinion on what he would do if we were replacing right now. Budget allowing, he would choose Pella Windows and that means wood frames. Cheaper, he would check out vinyl. Budget and climate are definitely determining factors when making a choice.

Now for the rumor part, which he is also digging up info on. There is buzz out there about getting to apply tax credit for certain types of window treatments, especially cellular shades. That would be very cool, and I guess it means the government trusts our behavior more than I thought since it means we have to remember to keep them in the right position…the shades not the government.

More to come on this for sure!



The second definition for “wordy” in ENCARTA is “relating to or consisting of words.” That is the one that is applicable here.

Something I just discovered about stained glass windows has to do with their purpose. Back in the 13th century this window at the CANTERBURY CATHEDRAL in England was part of a concept called Poor Man’s Bible. Before printed books this idea was popular to impart biblical stories and guide mankind with a “way to salvation.”  In light of that, and quite colorfully, this is a very wordy window.

Window cleaning here in New Mexico does not include many stained glass windows. The ex squeegee holder in my house says he would discourage normal window cleaning methods on stained glass in homes when we encountered them in the Pacific Northwest. A good cleaning requires some care and a soft, dry cloth instead of your normal wetting solution, wetbar and squeegee.

You will probably find a lot more of those colorful windows in the Northeastern US. I bet NOBLE WINDOW CLEANING in Pennsylvania sees a lot of Victorian architecture like that. They service Washington and Allegheny counties in that area, and I know they are up for the challenge.

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This morning I had a heart to heart with my ex-window washer husband.

Yes, he is still my husband, but no he does not wash windows anymore. I thought it time to post about the tax credit that is still available through the end of the year if you meet certain requirements in the process of replacing your windows.(Keep in mind this does not include changing from Vista to XP or Windows 7 which is also a good idea, and might warrant a reward as well.)

I realized from the get-go why I had put off this conversation. Now I am glad I dove in because it gave me a lot of  good data to post about for at least a year. Please keep in mind that hubby has been around a lot of windows since the early 1980’s, and his opinions are not always politically correct.

Well, I promise not to get political, incorrectly or correctly, but I will do my best to impart some information in upcoming posts about windows and their impact on your energy bills. One thing is for sure, if you have considered replacing your windows now is a good time to do so even if the main reason is aesthetics. You might as well get a tax credit while upgrading the look of your home, and it is a fact that over a period of years you will save some on your energy bills. By the way, window coverings such as solar shades, cellular shades and insulated drapes will also do that. No tax credit for those, and they also require certain behavior on your part.

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Wow, another celebration! I know my blog’s purpose has something to do with windows, right? I promise I will get back to that soon. But today is another special day.


Laura is my firstborn and she turns 32 today.

Back to windows soon, but for right now, look what I found. 🙂 With berries even, and Laura loves berries.




A celebration is in order, and that means I get to blog a cake!

Happy Anniversary to Scott and Stephanie. Stephanie is my daughter; she and Scott also own My Window Man here in Albuquerque. Keep up the great work in all areas of your life: marriage, kids and windows.

Enjoy your day and your cake!



If you insist on washing your own windows, please use a squeegee and a wetbar. And, the suggestion of using vinegar and wadded up newspapers that you see in a lot of “how to” info is really not a good one.I think this nice lady on the ladder lives in the Reno area. She really should call CalFlex Window Cleaning to clean her windows the right way. They offer other residential services as well to help her maintain her home.

Now, I personally think this window needs dressing up. A pretty curtain from For Your Windows would solve that.

Guess  we got all that handled! 🙂

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Not too long ago, I highlighted a friend (who I met on FB) in my blog. He and his wife Mardi own and operate a cleaning business in Minnesota called Freedom Cleaning Services, and they do windows.

Mike has a great blog that I always read, and yesterday he blogged about squirrels. I guess that proves that we bloggers are often on the same wavelength, or it may only prove that this is the time for squirrels outside our windows. Either way, enjoy Mike’s observation.


If you live near Minneapolis/St Paul area hire this professional company for sure!



The hummingbird season is winding down outside my windows, and all of you know that will make me a little sad.  But, this morning there are two squirrels running around looking for food. I take this as an invitation to post one of my favorite videos because I may never have such a perfect window of opportunity again.


I wondered if I should put some food on the patio for the little buggers, but my husband discouraged that. We decided to just love them the way they are and enjoy them outside our windows. It’s kind of fun having some squirrels in my life. I hope they hang around. It just might ease the loss of the hummers for awhile.

Besides that, they inspired me to post this great video. Thank you squirrels, and thank you Ray Stevens.



No doubt about it, New Mexico has amazing sunsets. Maybe no one person captured that better than the late Wilson Hurley(1924-2008).

In case you are not familiar with Hurley, this is a painting, not a photograph. My Window Man in Albuquerque has done the windows in the Hurley’s home since the late 1980’s. I guess it is pretty obvious how important clean windows are to them. When we still owned the company, my husband always wanted to be the washer sent there. He was able to witness many of the projects Wilson worked on, including one of the biggest which can be seen still at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City. The exhibitions there change a lot, but not the huge display in the big conference room with very high ceilings that only exhibits Wilson Hurley art. And, it is amazing! My husband witnessed Hurley painting them over a 5 year period, and then both of us stood in awe looking up at them at the museum last year. They are enormous and you have to see them in person to truly appreciate them. The whole museum is a treat for sure.

Hurley painted from a studio that had almost perfect lighting with several large, north-facing windows. He wanted that light the best it could be so clean windows were necessary. His wife,also a painter, still keeps the windows clean to make the most out of the light and the view.

What’s outside your windows? Bring in more light and enjoy more view by keeping them clean. If there is too much light or heat, you can still enjoy the view with some solar shades. Check them out at our online store while the special is still on.



Also known as Spider Lily or Lycoris Radiata , but I like Naked Lady.

I did my research, well I asked my florist friend, Christine. Now the name of this beautiful flower outside my office windows every fall will be eternally blogged so I will remember the name(s). Makes for great window decor all by itself.

Thanks, Christine.           Something Special With Flowers