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on September 27, 2010

The second definition for “wordy” in ENCARTA is “relating to or consisting of words.” That is the one that is applicable here.

Something I just discovered about stained glass windows has to do with their purpose. Back in the 13th century this window at the CANTERBURY CATHEDRAL in England was part of a concept called Poor Man’s Bible. Before printed books this idea was popular to impart biblical stories and guide mankind with a “way to salvation.” ┬áIn light of that, and quite colorfully, this is a very wordy window.

Window cleaning here in New Mexico does not include many stained glass windows. The ex squeegee holder in my house says he would discourage normal window cleaning methods on stained glass in homes when we encountered them in the Pacific Northwest. A good cleaning requires some care and a soft, dry cloth instead of your normal wetting solution, wetbar and squeegee.

You will probably find a lot more of those colorful windows in the Northeastern US. I bet NOBLE WINDOW CLEANING in Pennsylvania sees a lot of Victorian architecture like that. They service Washington and Allegheny counties in that area, and I know they are up for the challenge.

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