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We bought a fat orange pumpkin,

The plumpest sort they sell.

We neatly scooped the inside out

and only left the shell.

We carved a funny funny-face

of silly shape and size,

A pointy nose,

a jagged mouth and two enormous eyes.

We set it in a window
and we put a candle in,
Then lit it up
for all to see Our jack-o-lantern grin.


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I love good customer service! I am looking forward to this evening because I will be dining at a new restaurant that was opened a few weeks ago by some neighbors. They had another one a few years back that they sold, and whenever I went there I got treated like royalty. I am sure the food will be good too, but the customer service is what will make it really enjoyable.

Years ago, when I first started in the service industry, and the yellow pages were the major force behind advertising, I remember reading in some of their promotion the results to a survey they had conducted. Ninety percent of the people surveyed said that how they were treated was more important than the quality of the work done.

When I ran our window cleaning businesses, I noticed that customers were left with a strange sort of hunger if they got bad service. One time when I asked a woman what exactly she wanted us to come back for, she had a hard time pinning it down. Windows were clean she told me, but something was not quite right. It all boiled down to our employee treating her disrespectfully. Fortunately, I was able to save the situation and the customer; did not save the employee. I learned early on to listen and let the customer vent for as long as they needed without interruption before I jumped in to solve the problem. That venting usually soothed more that my solving did.

It is easy to say that good customer service is just plain common sense. However, in today’s world, where common sense often seems lost,  great customer service is sometimes not very common. When you experience wonderful service make sure you shout it to the world, including to those responsible. When it is not so good, offer some correction, if possible, with a touch of forgiveness. Make sure if you train younger employees as part of your duties that you never assume they have common sense. Teach them that how they treat people is right up there, and maybe surpasses, the actual work itself, and happy customers equals returning and referring customers.

So, I am off to enjoy good company, good food and wonderful customer service.

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Good news is most fun when it is “good news.” Continuing with a Halloween theme, here is a fun story out of Newtown, Pennsylvania, and it is all about windows. Businesses along a couple streets there hosted about 100 artists, of all ages, to decorate 55 storefront windows for the upcoming holiday with everything from Charlie Brown, pumpkins and reenactments of horror movies.

This event was brought back to life last year by a couple of the business owners who thought it a worthy tradition from the past. The whole town is having so much fun, and this weekend awards will be given out for the best work. If you want to see more pictures and a video be sure to visit Halloween Week in Newtown. I definitely see window cleaning following that event, and something tells me a window cleaning professional will be in order.

To hire a well-established business in that area to clean your windows check out Larry’s Window Cleaning. They give some great introductory discounts, and they offer other services for your home as well.



Just in time for Halloween, some great window-related news from Enterprise, Alabama. There you will find The Rawls Hotel complete with hauntings.

This place has some pretty cool history,along with offering some true southern hospitality.It all began in 1903 with a smaller structure built by Japheth and Elizabeth Rawls, and it now houses a B&B, a restaurant and a great background for functions like weddings and reunions.

Don’t be surprised if you meet some ghosts there too. Many have witnessed odd occurrences while visiting or working there: children laughing when no children are present, piano music when no one is playing, and…well, you get the idea.

A man, named Hayden Pursley, spent 3 years in the 1970’s restoring the hotel. He hung some window treatments in the ballroom only to find them on the floor the next morning. Sounds like someone wanted naked windows for sure. Maybe, they just did not like the style or any renovations at all because this happened 3 days in a row.

Personally, I would love to visit and see if they were ever successful at decorating the windows. It would be kind of neat if they could get the ghosts to clean the windows as well.

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Well, actually it was Scott and his crew from MY WINDOW MAN cleaning windows a few days back. MY WINDOW MAN has washed the windows here for many years. As far as I know, they have never sent a Fred or Barney there, but that does not stop them from calling it the “Flintstone house.”

You might be wondering why the nickname. The house is built around a rock, so some of the rooms on the back side actually have part of the mountains as their walls inside the house. Managed to get a few pictures without being intrusive.

And, one more just to emphasize why these homeowners HIRE A PROFESSIONAL.

Who needs Fred or Barney, when we have the pros from My Window Man in Albuquerque, NM.



A while back, I posted about certain window treatments actually qualifying for the same tax credit that window replacement does through the end of this year. The catch is you cannot use the tax credit for both windows and window coverings, and there is only one type of shade from one company that qualifies.

If your goal is to insulate, please keep in mind that any of the cellular shades will contribute to that immensely,because when pulled down they create an air space between the window and the shade that will protect cool air from entering your home from the outside winter temperatures.

Cellular shades are one of your best choices for insulation and also for darkening a room. You can match them up easily with other window decor without ruining the ambiance.

For Your Windows offers single cell choices pictured in the online store. Double cell can be ordered through the SPECIAL ORDER department, as well as the triple cell that qualify for tax credit.

If you purchase 3 items, be sure to use the promo code shown on the home page to receive $10.00 off your order. Offer expires November 15, 2010.

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Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.
George Eliot

I love Fall: decorating for Halloween, getting apples from Dixons orchard, opening all the doors and letting the breeze blow through, watching the leaves change color.

A few years back, I flew over Kentucky in the fall and was left breathless looking down at the colorful foliage. I really do need to take a road trip that direction in the fall because it was amazing.

Yep, you guessed it. I just happen to know of a great window cleaning company in Kentucky. Rob’s Window Cleaning has been around since 1987, and they do maintenance on decks and roofs too. If you are ready to HIRE A PROFESSIONAL, and you live in western Kentucky, southern Indiana or southern Illinois check out their website. I guarantee that you will see those changing colors better when your windows are clean.

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Well, this is just too much fun!  I would love it if Van Morrison cleaned my windows, as long as he sings too!

I know it is time for me to HIRE A PROFESSIONAL. I want my windows clean for the holiday season. If you do not know who is available in your area, comment here and I will find you a good one.

Meanwhile, enjoy the entertainment.

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I cannot let this day go by without posting my thoughts about the ongoing hours of BREAKING NEWS that was all positive during the rescue of the miners in Chile. I am so grateful that the news covered all 33 miners and their stories. Everything from the technology involved to the family support was amazing to watch. I hope the unity inspired by this incident has a lingering effect all around the planet.

“If the only prayer you say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” MEISTER ECKHART

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So, how do you get your car washed? I used to take mine to a local full service facility until I stopped getting the results I wanted. The inside hardly got touched and I would have to be one picky customer to get the outside finished up. About the only thing they did great was spray smelly stuff inside to make the interior like a new car or a forest.

My plan yesterday was to do the inside myself, including the windows, and then my husband agreed to get gas at a service station around the corner that offers reduced rate wash when you buy gas.

I wish I had one of these nifty little Micro Fiber Window Cleaners made specifically for inside car windows. It just might have prevented the neck strain I endured.

I did manage to wipe the inside down, vacuum the seats and floors, and I even took my favorite degreaser and non-scratching scrubber to the sun-baked bugs on the outside front, another major neck strain. My husband took off to do his part while I went inside to call the chiropractor.

When he returned, we took off to run some errands in our nice clean car that still had very dirty windows.  He told me that the normal gas station was changing its car wash so he went to a different one with a “brushless” method. Suffice it to say, a few hours later he was out with a bucket and squeegee cleaning the outside of the windows on the car. Sorry, but I missed that photo op.

Next time I hit the LA area, I think I will check this place out.

It is in Studio City, and I bet they remind us of what a “real” car wash is like. They might even get the sun-baked bugs off  the front without me needing a chiropractor.

So, how do you get your car washed?