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on November 21, 2010

Well, I made it home from my 2000 miles of road trip. For some reason, I was inspired to research the subject of glass while online this past week. That led to a new category: GLASS TRIVIA.

I find it intriguing that manufacturing flat, window glass happened later than other uses of glass over the centuries. More on that later.

This is a fun fashion fact from the Chicago World’s Fair held in 1893. Edward Libbey, one of the first glass manufacturers, wanted to add his works to the many inventions exhibited there. He spent $200,000.00 on a glass furnace. With all the really exciting adventures at the fair, nobody was interested in watching men sweat over the furnace to make glass. His trump card was the technology of spun glass, and the creation of the first dress out of the expensive fabric. A famous Broadway actress, Georgia Cayven, modeled the gown, and a Spanish princess, Infanta Eufalia, soon became it’s biggest promoter.

Libbey insisted these dresses could be comfortable to wear, but he did have to cheat a bit to accomplish that by using some fine silk as well.I did have one thing cleared up for sure; I found some references about Cinderella’s infamous slippers. I always thought it peculiar that she wore “glass slippers.”  I am fairly certain they were made with a spun glass fabric. Glass slippers always sounded a bit dangerous to me.

Glad that got straightened out!

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