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on November 26, 2010

I mentioned a few posts back how much fun I am having researching the history of architectural glass. Actually the history of any glass is very interesting, so I will add some of that as well in future entries.

It really is amazing how plain window glass was so challenging to manufacture. It was actually quite rare until the 19th century, and even then only the very wealthy could afford. That reminds me of the oldest house still standing in the USA, pretty windowless. My dear brother is shown here pretending like he is heading home when we visited Santa Fe last time. Needless to say our Albuquerque, family-owned window cleaning business has never washed any windows there.

Some of the original  windows to keep weather out, but light still coming in, were made by the crown glass method, where a big glob of glass is blown and then spun on a table before it cools. This creates a dimple with concentric circles expanding out. The panes could only be smaller in size, and it was very costly. This example is probably somewhere in the 16th century.

Not sure even professional window cleaners would want to wash those!

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