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on December 10, 2010

While we still have plenty of time before Christmas, I want to suggest a few more services that are waiting to help you spiffy up before the holidays are in full swing. And for a decoration on my blog, it is obviously “still not too late ” for my indoor gardenia plant to bloom. It has several buds, but look here!

The sun was shining just right, and it almost looks lit up. Sure wish I could upload the fragrance too; it is heavenly.

Back to business:

PENNSYLVANIA:   Noble Window Cleaning

MINNEAPOLIS/ST PAUL:   Freedom Cleaning

SOUTHERN CALIF:  PacifiClear Window Cleaning

NEW YORK:   Always Perfect Window Cleaning


CHICAGO AREA:   McMahon Window Washing

IDAHO:   Poor Man Window Cleaning

Just to name a few. If you are looking and your area is not listed, just ask and I will find you one.

One more thing, if you want a neat idea for a gift, please remember to check out Wallpaper For Your Windows at our site. You can purchase a gift card. Hope someone buys me one!

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