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on December 18, 2010

Since it is the season for decoration and color, it must be time for colorful glass trivia. Besides that, you know I love a reason to decorate my blog.

You might think that the largest stained glass windows would be found in some other country, but not the case. For years JFK airport in New York held that honor with one that was longer than a football field and 20 feet high.

To the dismay of many the 900 panels were dismantled in 2008.

Now, still in the US, there are two other structures that display the largest. If you visit the mausoleum at Resurrection Cemetery in Justice, Illinois you will see the 2,448 panels and 22,381 square feet that make up the largest in the world.

But, the largest one in a church is in Covington, Kentucky at St Mary’s Cathedral of the Assumption. there you will find 117 figures displayed in an amazing 24 ft wide, 67 ft long window.

These window certainly don’t need any more dressing up. I may need to investigate how they get cleaned however. In the meantime, enjoy them as colorful decoration on my blog. Pretty colorful trivia too!

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