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on January 2, 2011

The New Year blasted in with an amazing, close to record breaking, cold front here in New Mexico. I have skipped my morning walk for a few mornings because if it is not at least 20 degrees, it is not fun. We put extra blankets on the bed and the heater went off at least once, if not twice, in the middle of the night even though it is set at 60 overnight. I guess 9 degrees outside triggers that. I finally ventured out for the first time in two days to go get a few grocery items. I never warmed up inside the store, my hands were freezing, and the woman checking my groceries said that the money taking machines are even stubborn in the cold. They managed to get some of mine, however.

Did you know that the cellular shades we offer at For Your Windows will not only help direct light, but they also are very effective for insulation. The site shows you the single cell shades, and you can also get double or triple through our Special Order page. The fellow I am married to says that the single cell are almost as good as the double for this purpose, so that might save a little on the budget.

And, while you are here visiting, be sure to check out something I do when I am not blogging about windows: Colorful Cloths. I suppose they would provide a colorful way to clean you windows, but if you are like I am, you will use these for the kitchen and  hire a professional to clean the windows.

Hope you are keeping warm and cozy.

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