For Your Windows


on January 9, 2011

Today is Sunday, and it is a perfect day to open up your windows. Oh, I know it is maybe cold right now where you are, but I am not talking about glass windows or even windows on your computer. Every once in a while, I like to remind myself and others to open up the windows to our souls.

I received an email this morning from fellow in South Africa who has an online magazine that reminds us of who were are. I was honored that he put one of my articles on his site. It is called Yaakuni.  Yaakuni is the Mayan word for Love. Make sure you visit their fan page if you are on Facebook, and the website as well.

I love making new friends online, it makes the world seem smaller for sure, especially when they are in another country. It also helps me remember how we are really all the same, part of an indescribable  and absolute Oneness.

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