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on January 14, 2011

It is kind of funny that I quite often talk about hiring a professional when it comes to window cleaning since it is too darn hard to do yourself and more fun to have them done by someone who can really wield a squeegee, but the basic theme of my online store definitely promotes doing things yourself. Most of us resort to the DIY concept often, either because of budget or because we like the fun and creativity of it all. Shoot, even just visiting a hardware store is an enjoyable part of the adventure.

Sunday morning, as I was cooking some breakfast, I looked around my comfortable “old” kitchen that may someday get a total overhaul and the juices started to bubble up, and I don’t mean on the stove. I visualized how much better my old cabinets would look if they were freshly painted and adorned with new hardware. That alone would spiffy up the kitchen and not cost too much while it waits, for who knows how long, to get an extreme makeover.

Over our Sunday morning meal, we discussed how we could proceed, colors to use, hardware to buy and tools we would need. Fortunately, hubby just bought a new version of his favorite and most often used tool, a cordless screw gun. It is not unusual to see it charging up somewhere in the house, waiting to be available the minute its name is called. It will come in quite handy when we redo the cabinets, as it does for installing window coverings, curtains rods or replacing old wall plugs.

For Christmas I got new faucets in my bathroom, which was another DIY project, well at least for my son and husband. This year along with replacing a mixer in the back bathroom shower, it looks like the kitchen cabinets will be on the list. Not a bad plan! Since Sears is having some great NEW YEAR sales and is right around the corner, we need to head over and pick out some paint and any other tools we might need.

Yep, we still do some DIY around our house. After picture sometime in the near future.


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