For Your Windows


on January 16, 2011

My title probably sounds like a weather report. By the way, outside my windows, it is blue, sunny and 53 degrees here in New Mexico today. If you frequent my blog, you saw that my last post had to do with Sears and the concept of DIY. I entered their guest blog opportunity this month and they chose my post to be on their site. Best part is I get a $75 Sears Gift Card to award to someone soon. Sounds like a fun little shopping spree!

For Your Windows has a fan page on Facebook. For those of you who are on FB please suggest our page to all your FB friends. We are only about 25 away from our 200 fan goal. As soon as we hit it we will give away a $30 Office Depot Gift Card, and then we will start a run for the Sears Card. Guess that all means it might be worth your while to become a member if you are not and to suggest to your friends if you are. ┬áThat’s the forecast part.

The recap is pretty simple. First, I want to thank all my blog subscribers and readers. I have been talking about windows and glass for almost a year now. I have learned a lot about those subjects as well as blogging in general. It has been fun!

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