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on January 21, 2011

In my ongoing quest to find unique products related to windows and glass, I ran into some interesting information about bullet proof glass. Do you know there is a film you can buy to put on your windows that pretty much makes them bulletproof?  I probably will never sell any in my online store since the cost is pretty darn high. Wonder what the market is like for such a critter.

Bullet proof glass has a very interesting history, starting with the fact that the discovery of the lamination process involved with making it happened accidentally when in 1903 when a French chemist dropped a glass beaker on the floor. The beaker had been coated with a certain substance that kept it from shattering and that led the way to creating plastic/glass combinations. Hence, we have automobile windshields, hurricane resistance glass and bullet proof windows.

One of the most intriguing examples of bullet proof glass involves the MONA LISA. Because there were some instances of attempted vandalism toward the original painting, she is now displayed with bullet proof glass. She must have been a strong woman; those two nasty events did not damage her one bit.

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