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on January 23, 2011

If I had to create a list of my favorite window or glass topics, greenhouses might have to be on the top. I have talked about them a few times here, but I really do think they deserve a lot more attention.

My first business was an indoor plant store in the 1970’s. The best part of it was the structure itself. Even though it was a kiosk in a mall, it was built with the remnants of a very old greenhouse, old glass and neat wood gutters. I sure wish I had those materials now to build a replica in my back yard. I would love seeing it outside of the windows in my sunroom/office. Pretty weird, I don’t even have a picture of that neat little building.

It is very likely that solar energy was known about and greenhouses existed before 100 AD in Pompeii, before it was buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Through the centuries, these glass buildings have housed, with light, heat and humidity, things of beauty and practicality.

One of the more noteworthy “glass houses” is this one in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The Palm House was built in 1839. Separated wings of the structure have different environments to accommodate plants with different demands.

One of the plants on display is a 400 year-old Xanthorrhoea. Wow, I would go crazy looking at plants in that greenhouse. Even in the 1800’s this place often boasted 10,000 visitors a day!

No need to dress up greenhouse windows with anything, and cleaning them can be a real pain(pun intended), but I love them just the same.

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