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Along with windows and lots of light, I love studying words and where they came from. That just might have something to do with my passion for writing too. This morning, I was sent on a little journey all because of the term “clerestory windows.”

When you have a window cleaning business, customers often ask on the phone if the service includes “clerestory windows” since they are usually the ones that are highest to reach. For years, I thought the term was “clearstory” which, by the way, is also correct along with “clearstorey” and “overstorey.” All the terms are architectural in nature referring to windows above the roof line or eye level.

All those details started me wondering. Why is the floor of a building called a “story” anyway? That one I had never thought of before. So after a little internet searching, I found out that the etymology of “story” or “storey”  is from  Medieval Latin historia (“narrative, illustration, story of a building”), and from Latin, possibly from narratives painted on medieval buildings. Well, how about that!  This type of window goes way back as well to Roman times. And, they are still very popular.

Hey, those even look clean. I bet the home-owner hires a professional to clean the them.

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I am not sure where or when exactly, but my first recollection of a window blind is more vivid as a smell than it is as something I saw. You know, that sort of dusty, musty smell that emanated from things hanging in a window that needed to be cleaned more than they usually were. Venetian blinds they were called.

Believe it or not, this is one of the only pictures I can find online that at least resembles what they looked like, even though this one is on the outside because originally that’s where people hung them. It is thought that Venetian traders brought the idea from Persia to Venice way back in the 1700’s, hence the name. Later in the same century, they were brought to the states, and they became a mainstay for buildings, schools and even homes.

Burlington Venetian Blind Co., of Burlington, Vt., put together one of the largest Venetian blind orders ever when they supplied blinds for the windows of the Empire State Building in New York City. Pretty sure those were installed inside.

When we first starting cleaning blinds, we had a few customers ask if we repaired or cleaned this older style, made with 2-inch metal blades and heavy duty tape. One thing I do remember, from way before I was in the business, is that most cleaning suggestions including jumping in the bathtub with them. Every once in a while you can still find them in older homes or schools, and in most cases they probably need more than a hot shower.

Although you can still get similar blinds, most people prefer newer versions, like wood blinds, cellular shades or at a least ones with narrower slats and string.  For Your Windows offers affordable choices for any of your windows, even if you have pets.

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“Why, what’s the matter,
That you have such a February face,
So full of frost, of storm and cloudiness?”
–   William Shakespeare,  Much Ado About Nothing

I realize that the time of year should have nothing to do with our happiness, but does anyone else find February to be a kind of weird month?

The fact that it has only 28 days when 7 months out of the remaining 11 months have 31 days is the first problem. But, believe it or not, this short month may actually be shorter because others wanted it to get over with quicker, like I do. Check out the Naturalist’s Almanac for some interesting facts.

With no disrespect to anyone who has a birthday or anniversary, or even to the groundhog or St. Valentines Day, I think February needs some renovation. Any suggestions?



Well darn. I don’t think this house needs any window treatments from For Your Windows, but I bet a professional window cleaner keeps the glass clean. I have no reason to visit Chattanooga, Tennessee right now; however, if I do in the future I may rent this house just for fun. It is used now as a vacation getaway. The window cleaning guy in my house told me the windows would be easiest to wash with a water-fed pole.

If you need some professional window cleaning done in your home, and you live in Chattanooga check out True Shine Window Washers. I wonder if they have ever been beamed up at The Spaceship House.

To check out the inside go here for some pictures and information.



At the risk of sounding like I have been living under a rock, I am blogging about colorful windows today that for some reason I have not highlighted before. I have never had the experience of sightseeing in Chicago, which explains some of my ignorance, but I am not sure why I did not remember the scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off that was set in front of these pretty cool windows.

This creation, called America Windows, is in the Art Institute in Chicago and it was installed in 1977. The artist, Marc Chagall, is known word wide for his works  using stained glass as the medium. In this one he covers music, painting, literature, theater and dance in America. They actually disassembled the whole display some years back to clean and restore them. I bet that took paying attention.

Speaking of under a rock…I am still in Yuma which is kind of like that on many levels. I don’t think I have any readers here except my daughter who totally agrees with that opinion. Here is just one of the many big rocks coming into town. Quite a contrast to the pretty blue windows.


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10:03 TO YUMA

I know the movie was 3:10 to Yuma, but because it actually took us 10 hours and 3 minutes to get to Yuma from Albuquerque yesterday,  I thought it was an appropriate title. I will be here blogging for a few days, which is better than I was doing this week at home for some reason.

Outside the car windows on the way here, it was interesting enough to take several pictures that I will share over the next few blogs, because after all, it was all “outside my windows.”

Please take note of the interesting new decoration on my blog. That barcode looking symbol is an up and coming technology that you will start noticing a lot in the future. It is full of information and definitely contributes to things going viral. If you want to learn about them , just look up “qr codes” online and you can get one free and learn why you might want one. I could not do it justice here to try and explain. My wonderful virtual assistance, Erika, set me up. She could help you too, no matter where you live. Visit her site. QR codes offer a window into the future for sure.

So, my first picture was taken coming into Flagstaff, Arizona. Our trip witnessed not one cloud the whole 10 hours and 3 minutes. This shows the contrast of desert and snowcapped peaks. The mountains near there, with summits up to over 12,000 feet, have lots of snow hanging out above the desert terrain.

By the way, 3:10 to Yuma is a great movie. )

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It looks like things are thawing out a bit, at least here in New Mexico. I mentioned in my last post that a lot of squeegees were on vacation because their potential window cleaning customers were a bit anxious about cleaning the windows in the winter. Hey, guess what?  Windows can be cleaned in February, and rumor has it that if you hire a professional – and they do want work this time of year – you just might cause spring to arrive sooner.

Some companies offer great deals this time of year, and even touch up guarantees if needed. Support your local window cleaners!  They will really appreciate it. I know My Window Man in Albuquerque will!

Winter has not closed me down for sure. For Your Windows is ready to help you decorate, so check out our affordable selections, including our Wallpaper For Windows fun.

Let’s Bring on Spring!

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Well, I could say I have been under the weather for the past few days, but fortunately, I am healthy as usual. Here in New Mexico we have had some record breaking cold temperatures. I could bet money based on all the weather that hit the US this week that there are a lot of window cleaners giving their squeegees a vacation.

If you want  a great online weather site to keep you updated, make sure you go to my friend Randy’s site.  It is always accessible here at my blog under BLOGROLL, but I wanted to make sure all of you remember to check it out.

This morning, outside my windows, it was minus 3 degrees. I took this picture looking out from my desk at a frozen fish pond. Good old NM sun was coming up however. You can see its effects shining on the bush at the right as it crept up to say good morning.

Believe it or not,  doves are coming down from huddling on the power lines above to pick at the frozen pond. Geez… who wants a snow-cone in this weather?  I am definitely looking forward to our 25 high today. Maybe by the weekend I will go outside my windows again and take my morning walk. I sure am glad I work from home.