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on February 20, 2011

“Why, what’s the matter,
That you have such a February face,
So full of frost, of storm and cloudiness?”
–   William Shakespeare,  Much Ado About Nothing

I realize that the time of year should have nothing to do with our happiness, but does anyone else find February to be a kind of weird month?

The fact that it has only 28 days when 7 months out of the remaining 11 months have 31 days is the first problem. But, believe it or not, this short month may actually be shorter because others wanted it to get over with quicker, like I do. Check out the Naturalist’s Almanac for some interesting facts.

With no disrespect to anyone who has a birthday or anniversary, or even to the groundhog or St. Valentines Day, I think February needs some renovation. Any suggestions?


  1. Nancy Blackburn says:

    Yeah, flee to a sunny, warm clime for the entire month of February! If you’re going, let me know and I’ll join you!


  2. Mozimaker says:

    Sounds wonderful, Nancy!

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