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on February 22, 2011

I am not sure where or when exactly, but my first recollection of a window blind is more vivid as a smell than it is as something I saw. You know, that sort of dusty, musty smell that emanated from things hanging in a window that needed to be cleaned more than they usually were. Venetian blinds they were called.

Believe it or not, this is one of the only pictures I can find online that at least resembles what they looked like, even though this one is on the outside because originally that’s where people hung them. It is thought that Venetian traders brought the idea from Persia to Venice way back in the 1700’s, hence the name. Later in the same century, they were brought to the states, and they became a mainstay for buildings, schools and even homes.

Burlington Venetian Blind Co., of Burlington, Vt., put together one of the largest Venetian blind orders ever when they supplied blinds for the windows of the Empire State Building in New York City. Pretty sure those were installed inside.

When we first starting cleaning blinds, we had a few customers ask if we repaired or cleaned this older style, made with 2-inch metal blades and heavy duty tape. One thing I do remember, from way before I was in the business, is that most cleaning suggestions including jumping in the bathtub with them. Every once in a while you can still find them in older homes or schools, and in most cases they probably need more than a hot shower.

Although you can still get similar blinds, most people prefer newer versions, like wood blinds, cellular shades or at a least ones with narrower slats and string.  For Your Windows offers affordable choices for any of your windows, even if you have pets.

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