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on March 2, 2011

Looks like I either need to take a trip to Vermont, or find a window cleaner who lives there to get some first hand information on this one.

That, my appreciated, blog-visiting friends, is a picture of a “witch window” that is pretty much so exclusive to Vermont it is also known as a “Vermont window.”  My dear husband has washed a lot of windows and has never seen one. But, he has never washed a window in Vermont, or for that matter done anything else in Vermont.

Why “witch window”  you ask?  Supposedly witches are unable to fly their broomsticks through a tilted window. They are also called “coffin windows” for even more far-fetched reasons – something about removing coffins from the second story when the staircase was too narrow. Hmmm – wonder what they do with it once its on the roof?

It does not end there! Two names that just make sense, “sideways windows” or lazy windows,” seem most appropriate, even though they certainly do not conjure up as many pictures  in my mind.

Anyone here ever seen (or cleaned) one of these not so common windows?

2 Responses to “ONLY IN VERMONT”

  1. Mike Ryerson says:

    From the looks of the roof’s slant, I think the coffin will slide off of it OK.

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