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I was relieved this morning to hear that people I know in Alabama are okay. My friends, Randy and Craig, live there.  Randy hosts GoWallyInternetWeather listed in my blogroll. I guess he might have some topics to discuss. The only thing that comes to mind this morning is “how can I help.”   Outside my windows this morning, it is calm and pleasant, so I am very grateful.

Choose a place to deposit a random act of kindness today. We are not lacking choices right now. And remember to be grateful if it is peaceful outside your windows.

If the Alabama situation is your choice, visit this site to help out.

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There are many reasons why it is important to keep your windows clean. Today I will give my top ten.

  1. To see the hummingbirds better
  2. To improve your outlook on life
  3. To support your favorite window cleaner
  4. To confuse the birds
  5. To boost your morale
  6. To make them sparkle
  7. To impress the neighbors
  8. To brighten up the inside your home
  9. To enjoy the view
  10. To decrease damage and etching caused by pollution, water and dust, which in turn helps maintain the value of your home

And that’s the truth. Any questions?

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No doubt about it, I had a wonderful time visiting my hometown, Portland, in the very green but wet Pacific Northwest. I arrived home in New Mexico just in time for the sunset last night. This was the view outside my front window.

There is nothing like a New Mexico sunset.

Speaking of the sun. Are you prepared for the hot sun beating down on your furniture this summer? If you have a window or two where you need to prevent sun damage, check out some  solar shades. Visit For Your Windows now and be prepared. Not only will your furniture appreciate it, so will your electric bill.

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I love it when innovative people follow through on their ideas and solve a problem that is beneficial to the world around us. I ran into this piece when I was searching for something else online. This fellow, Chris Toepfer, creates a great illusion with his work, and he contibutes to the beauty of neighborhoods in Chicago.


Great temporary solution for outside window coverings at a vacant home. No window cleaning necessary.

However, if you need to cover or dress up any naked windows inside please check out our selections at For Your Windows. Have fun contributing to your own illusion.



So, it is my first visit in almost 5 years to my hometown, Portland, in the great Pacific Northwet (not a typo), and I am missing the sunshine a bit that seems to last forever in New Mexico. I had to resort to this photo op in my sister’s house of the sun’s shadows.

There you have it; the sun does shine in Portland, Oregon.

As I said in my last blog, up here it does not matter rain or shine when you get your windows washed, as it really should not anywhere, because rain does not make your windows dirty unless they are dirty already. That means go ahead and HIRE A PROFESSIONAL soon to make sure you improve your outlook on life.

Hey, if you are enjoying the clouds and rain in Portland call my nephew, Ken, at All Seasons. He is ready and willing to clean windows, clean gutters or do some power washing.  Just one of the many family and friends who has taken it on over the years.

Time to go brave weather… 🙂



Nothing like sitting in The Parlour Car on Amtrak’s Coast Starlight to make one appreciate the fact that windows can be made to fit. What a way to see the Pacific coast.  There are definitely a lot of naked windows on the train to look out and enjoy the various terrains. We went from the desert in New Mexico to palm trees and beach in California to mountains, snow and tall forests in Oregon.

Now I am officially on vacation. But, that won’t stop me from blogging about windows or anything else that seems to be worth mentioning.

Being in Portland reminds me of when we started our window cleaning company up here. We were always worried about the rain. What we learned later when we moved to drier climates was that customers make a bigger deal about weather when you have less. If it rains it ruins the day, unnecessarily. In Portland, if you stop what you are doing because it is raining, you might as well stop doing anything.



This is it!  Now it’s all about looking out the train windows on Amtrak going up the West Coast from LA to Portland.  (The leg from Albuquerque to LA is overnight and not as scenic.) The windows will most likely not be totally clean, but the view is amazing.

I will be posting some pictures of outside the windows for sure. I am putting the link to my previous story from a year ago called THE LITTLE PURPLE SUITCASE to introduce or remind all my visitors of its inspiration.

Mom’s ready to board the train for her final train trip! But, there will be more story.



Today is truly an “outside my windows” kind of day. I am grateful they are clean after having them professionally washed this week by my son-in-law as he taught my grand-daughter the ropes. Now I can see clearly the wisteria in bloom over the patio.

Trust me, I am staying inside to view them through my clean windows. The winds are blowing about 50 miles per hour. We helped the neighbors clean up their huge tree branch that fell across our street, fortunately not hitting any cars. The air is amazingly smoky and dusty throughout the state of New Mexico.

Below is a picture captured last night of a fire in foothills that is still being battled. It is only one of many in the state. I am happy to be safe looking outside through my windows. I just hope everyone else stays that safe.