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Now this would be so cool! How about a window that speaks to you.

Check out this video about the future of car windows.


Check out more at AUTO BLOG

If it is okay with everyone, I would like to take this a little further.  I could install a window in my sunroom that tells me to fill the hummingbird feeders,  feed the fish,  mow the back yard, clean the patio or prune the rose bushes. Maybe it could even remind the window guy that lives at my house to wash the windows. I see all sorts of potential.

What would you want your windows to tell you?

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I always take advantage of  a window of opportunity to comment on anything that hints of “windows to the soul.”

This weekend, I hope we all remember why it is a holiday weekend, especially since it most likely is not a  holiday for our troops out there risking their lives.

Of course I want to display Frank’s Flag first.

Uncle Frank died this year, but I want to mention he served our country when he was a young man. His brother, who was also my husband’s father, fought in WWII and lost his life in the Battle of the Bulge.  He was hardly more than a teenager himself at the time, and he never really knew his son who was just a toddler then.

 Douglas Dieckman

Fast forward to present time, about 60 years later. I recently got back in communication with my friend Chris from my teenage years. Not sure how she managed to live through it, but in 2006 her son Richard was killed in action.  It feels right to honor him as well.

Richard Henkes II

These two young men are only a representation of many who risk their lives, or even lose them.

Join me in gratitude this weekend.




For Your Windows now has new things to say on its home page.  That is just a start; I will be re-doing more of it one bite at a time. Also, check out the curtain selection because we have started adding new selections.

I find e-commerce such an interesting critter, and a fun evolution. Having been in business for myself for almost 40 years, I have seen things change a lot, especially methods of marketing. Years ago, I would have never used the words “dummy” or “cheap” to promote anything. Now I use them…and qualify them somewhat…all over my store’s homepage. How things have changed! 

One of the changes to the homepage includes For Your Windows offering a great special right now for SOLAR WINDOW SHADES . Buy two or more items and get 10 per cent off your entire order. Sun Shades will help you keep your energy bill lower and protect any furniture, carpet or art work that gets too much sun. 

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I am looking forward to debuting a revamped For Your Windows online store here very soon. I recently rehired my Virtual Personal Assistant, Erika, to do more work for me. She is also helping one of my daughters with her “find a bargain” site, Wheel n Deal Mama

What I love about having a person like Erika is the convenience and expertise she offers without the hassle of an employee, especially when I only need her for certain things at certain times.

If you have never checked out a VPA, and you need someone who is tech savvy to help you figure it all out, contact Erika. And, it does not matter where you live.  She welcomes you to LIKE her on Facebook at Virtual Personal Assistant.

Just like with window cleaning, when you want it done by someone who knows, HIRE A PROFESSIONAL.

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So maybe you don’t have a yard big enough to plant a garden in and you aren’t interested in building your own greenhouse. Last year we tried some of those hanging thingies with tomatoes and peppers. The peppers did okay, but the tomatoes were a disaster. And getting the plants into them was challenging to say the least. Without a doubt, I have to have at least tomatoes and peppers.  

I love those Santa Fe Hot Peppers…

As you can see this one is in a container, and that means you could grow one along with other veggies in a window box vegetable garden.

Other plants that work really well in a box outside your window are lettuce, radishes, beets, tomatoes, oregano and thyme. Avoid corn and cucumbers for this adventure. 

If you want to see window gardening at its best check out a real sky-farming event in London.

And don’t forget to eat your veggies!

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I am so lucky to be able to work in a sun room, and all my plants love it too. Not everyone is so lucky. Have you ever wanted to build yourself a greenhouse? 

If you can find some neat old windows, here is a cool project.

With instructions!

Bet you could bloom some gardenias in that baby. Great place to start some veggies too.

I want some old windows outside my windows.

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Yep, that gardenia plant is still blooming inside my windows.

It probably has at least 10 more buds on it to open up soon.

Then there are the roses outside my windows by the fountain.

I do think it must be spring. I hope you are enjoying yours as much as I am mine.

A few spring cleaning tips regarding your windows.

  •  Make sure the sprinklers are turned away from the glass
  • Hire a professional to clean them
  • If you insist doing them yourself, use a mild degreasant and a squeegee please
  • Make sure you keep the screens clean
  • Hire a professional to clean them … did I already say that?
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Hopefully, you are ready for Mother’s Day, and you bought your Mom some window cleaning. I wanted to mention windows at least once, although it is my blog and I suppose I get to highlight whatever I want.  

In that case, I will keep it short. Wherever your Mom is, tell her you love her.  Be grateful if you still get to spend time with her. 




Just last weekend, I was complaining that I needed to turn the heat on. Now, typical for New Mexico, the sun is beating down through the windows. It never hurts to be prepared. For Your Windows has a great solution for keeping the sun from damaging furniture, carpet and artwork. 

If you want to maintain your view to the outside, and at the same time keep the interior cool, check out some light weave Solar Shades. They will block UV rays and minimize glare too. You can pick from different colors to coordinate with your home’s decor.

If you do not want an inside shade, and you promise to remember to keep the shade up when the wind is blowing, you can choose an exterior shade to bring you the same results. If you want a view pick a darker shade. Light colors work best for temperature control.

Visit the Solar Shade department at For Your Windows for colors and prices. 

Make the sun a welcomed guest!

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And, I don’t mean I am feeling pressured or the sun is hot today. I mean my heat is on! I have not had the heat on in our house for almost a month, and today, May 1st, I broke down and turned it on. It is like winter has to make one more statement before getting the heck out of here.

The winds are hitting over 40 mph, the high temperature today might reach 48 – this coming Thursday the temperature is suppose to get to 85. The hummingbirds are trying to visit the feeders outside my windows, but they are finding it quite challenging, to say the least.

Visualize a nice warm day. Let’s visit Orlando, Florida. Their high today today will be 88, and we could go to Disney World.  Millions of visitors head that way every year to visit all the attractions.

Over two million people live in Orlando. That also means lots of windows. If your windows reside in Orlando, check out hiring a professional.  Absolute Window Cleaning not only cleans windows and screens, they do pressure washing,blind and shutter cleaning,  gutter cleaning and screen replacement. Have a business? They accommodate commercial too.

To avoid getting blown away, I think I will stay inside today, clean my kitchen and maybe finish the book I am reading.

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