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on May 1, 2011

And, I don’t mean I am feeling pressured or the sun is hot today. I mean my heat is on! I have not had the heat on in our house for almost a month, and today, May 1st, I broke down and turned it on. It is like winter has to make one more statement before getting the heck out of here.

The winds are hitting over 40 mph, the high temperature today might reach 48 – this coming Thursday the temperature is suppose to get to 85. The hummingbirds are trying to visit the feeders outside my windows, but they are finding it quite challenging, to say the least.

Visualize a nice warm day. Let’s visit Orlando, Florida. Their high today today will be 88, and we could go to Disney World. ¬†Millions of visitors head that way every year to visit all the attractions.

Over two million people live in Orlando. That also means lots of windows. If your windows reside in Orlando, check out hiring a professional.  Absolute Window Cleaning not only cleans windows and screens, they do pressure washing,blind and shutter cleaning,  gutter cleaning and screen replacement. Have a business? They accommodate commercial too.

To avoid getting blown away, I think I will stay inside today, clean my kitchen and maybe finish the book I am reading.

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