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on May 4, 2011

Just last weekend, I was complaining that I needed to turn the heat on. Now, typical for New Mexico, the sun is beating down through the windows. It never hurts to be prepared. For Your Windows has a great solution for keeping the sun from damaging furniture, carpet and artwork. 

If you want to maintain your view to the outside, and at the same time keep the interior cool, check out some light weave Solar Shades. They will block UV rays and minimize glare too. You can pick from different colors to coordinate with your home’s decor.

If you do not want an inside shade, and you promise to remember to keep the shade up when the wind is blowing, you can choose an exterior shade to bring you the same results. If you want a view pick a darker shade. Light colors work best for temperature control.

Visit the Solar Shade department at For Your Windows for colors and prices. 

Make the sun a welcomed guest!

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