For Your Windows


on May 22, 2011

I am looking forward to debuting a revamped For Your Windows online store here very soon. I recently rehired my Virtual Personal Assistant, Erika, to do more work for me. She is also helping one of my daughters with her “find a bargain” site, Wheel n Deal Mama

What I love about having a person like Erika is the convenience and expertise she offers without the hassle of an employee, especially when I only need her for certain things at certain times.

If you have never checked out a VPA, and you need someone who is tech savvy to help you figure it all out, contact Erika. And, it does not matter where you live.  She welcomes you to LIKE her on Facebook at Virtual Personal Assistant.

Just like with window cleaning, when you want it done by someone who knows, HIRE A PROFESSIONAL.

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