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on June 11, 2011
A woman was taking a bath when she heard her doorbell ring.  “Who is it?” she said. “Blind man,” was the answer.  “I’ll be right there,” she said.
Without putting clothes on, she went to the door. A surprised man said,
“where do you want these venetian blinds?”
Hey, not so far fetched. The first sign we ever had professionally done, when we owned My Window Man, had to be redone.  The window cleaning fellow I am married to, well he used to work a squeegee anyway, was so proud of his new sign.  He parked the pickup so he could show it to me, and I sorta gasped. It read:
Looking back at the scenario now, I guess it would have been okay, but there was something about it that worried me in terms of doing a perfect job.
To even make this whole blind and bathtub thing funnier, it was not that far back that taking your Venetian blinds to the bathtub to clean them was the obvious solution. I would not recommend this now, especially if you are visually impaired. In fact, I would not suggest it even if your eye sight is perfect. Why not HIRE A PROFESSIONAL!  My Window Man in Albuquerque will clean them for you.  I am sure you can find a service that does them in your area too.
If yours are a lost cause, check out some quality, cheap, new ones to replace those that are not worth cleaning.  For Your Windows solves that problem, and we ship NATIONWIDE.

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