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The window cleaning guy I live with always promotes window cleaning by mentioning it will, “Improve your outlook on life.”

Yesterday, I got this email from my sister – thanks Linda – and I proceeded to research where it comes from so I could give credit. I found it on many blogs, but I still have no idea where it originated. But, I do know for sure I have to post it here. After all, it is about clean windows.

A young couple moves into a new neighborhood.
The next morning while they are eating breakfast,
The young woman sees her neighbor hanging the wash outside.
“That laundry is not very clean”, she said.
“She doesn’t know how to wash correctly.
Perhaps she needs better laundry soap.”

Her husband looked on, but remained silent.

Every time her neighbor would hang her wash to dry,
The young woman would make the same comments.

About one month later, the woman was surprised to see a
Nice clean wash on the line and said to her husband:

“Look, she has learned how to wash correctly.
I wonder who taught her this.”

The husband said, “I got up early this morning and
Cleaned our windows.”

And so it is with life. What we see when watching others
Depends on the purity of the window through which we look.

It really is much easier to change how we view the world, as opposed to attempting to change what’s in it. 🙂
Good reason to keep all our windows clean.

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Squeegees in this case has a double meaning for sure! Check out Mr and Mrs Squeegee who own and operate A New View Window Cleaning in Washington, Iowa. That name is good enough for me.

They keep the the windows clean in Coralville and Iowa City area which includes Washington and Johnson counties. And, on top of that, they have a great list at their site to help you find a window cleaner in your own area. 

You personally do not want to end up like this with a squeegee in your hand.

Oh geez, that’s my son. 🙂

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Nothing better than a window cleaner who washes window, writes and says it well. Water spots are a hot topic  when it comes to keeping the windows clean in your home. The article below explains it all quite well. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, take care of that glass.

Window Cleaning and Hard Water Stains


For most people their home is their most valuable asset. Every home owner or business owner understands the need to do basic maintenance to upkeep and protect their investment. It is also true that many people view window cleaning more as a luxury then a necessity. The simple fact is that windows in any home or office can only endure a measure of neglect before they will no longer get clean. While professional window cleaning may not be cheap, it makes perfect sense when one understands that your other options are “window restoration work” or “replacing” damaged glass which can cost thousands. Let me explain how this works.

Depending on what state your home or office is in will determine how often you need your windows cleaned. Each state has its own debris and climate which affects windows. I live and work in Santa Cruz CA. which has moderate temperatures but lots of debris. The most damaging hazard of all that exist in almost every state is what is called “Hard water stains.” Hard water stains take place when windows are subject to normal hose water, garden sprinklers and or run-off that gets on the glass. This water has mineral deposits that when left to dry on the window, will stain and even etch the glass. Add direct sunlight to this equation and the damage happens ever faster. A great example of what this looks like would be to consider your shower windows or shower doors if they are glass. They begin to look foggy but eventually they will not get clean without chemicals and a power buffer. This is called “Window restoration work” and can be very costly. If the windows are etched they may need to be replaced.

Some tips that will help you prevent “hard water stains’ damaging your windows would include, avoiding watering your windows when you water your outdoor plants and flowers. If you have sprinklers installed, be sure they are positioned so that they don’t spray your windows. And finally, be sure your rain gutters are not clogged or leaking causing water to run down the side of your house and windows. These simple steps are proven to save windows over time. In the event that hard water stains have already appeared, and hiring a professional window cleaner is not an option, you can purchase a variety of hard water stain removers from any of the leading window cleaning supply stores such as or

The good news is all this can be avoided and for some it may start with this very article. Having been a fulltime professional window cleaner in Santa Cruz CA. since 1999, I know for a fact that having your windows cleaned even once a year can not only increase light in your home, decrees your heating bill by allowing more heat, but also protect your windows from hard water stains. It is also true that as your windows are cleaned regularly even hard water stains from the past will begin to break down.

For additional information and answers about window cleaning, roof, gutter & downspout cleaning or solar panel cleaning visit our website

Marc Kunze/Owner
Pure Light Window & Gutter Cleaning Santa Cruz

And, if you want to dress those clean windows up, check out For Your Windows for blinds, cellular shades, curtains, drapes and solar window shades.

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Although many of my windows have window coverings, the ones in my sunroom/office are definitely naked. Yesterday, my 8 year-old grand-daughter , sitting in my office looking at the pond outside my windows, was quite excited when she noticed that it  had more than water lilies and the normal 15 large fish in it. With her keen eye she noticed that there were several baby fish ( and, believe it or not, that little school of fish is known as a “fry”) down toward the bottom.

Please allow me to back up. When we moved into this house, a little over 4 years ago,  I committed a major faux pas. As a novice pond keeper, I did something that many in that category do;  I left the hose running to fill the pond (it only needed a little new water) on overnight.  The next morning – and that same grand-daughter was spending the night – not only was the pond overflowing, but about half of the fish were floating on top, far past any goldfish resuscitation measures. I researched and found out quickly that I had over-chlorinated the poor critters.  This was so easy to find discussed online that I truly thought someone already knew what I had done, and had already written up my sins to tell everyone in cyberspace.

Fish and Sea Life Clipart

Fortunately, my grand-daughter and I both recovered, and we were grateful that there were still 8 breathing fish left. Forward to present day. We now have 15 big fish in the pond, 10 gold and 5 black. And, to our delight we have at least 5 or 6 little ones.

I just love a happy ending. And in this case, that includes a real fish fry.

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Wow, this museum would be fun to visit for two reasons. Art and windows, what a great combination.

The Dali Museum, in St Petersburg, Florida, not only offers amazing displays of art by Salvador Dali spanning over a 50 year period, it provides us with some pretty incredible window design. On January 11,2011 at 11:11 am this beautiful structure opened. I have to give them a thumbs up for making sure they keep the windows clean. Here is a local window cleaning company,  Bay Area Window Cleaning, making them sparkle. 

             This is a $36 million museum … I wonder how much the window cleaning budget is.

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Hopefully, I am not speaking prematurely. Along with a little monsoon moisture arriving this past weekend – we are way behind this year in New Mexico – I am happy to report that the hummingbirds might be around after all. All my feeders are clean and re-filled after witnessing 3 or 4 friends in one day, and one was a tiny little critter. Maybe they will finally appear in numbers like they do most years. I sure hope so, cause I love those hummers.

Only indirectly changing the subject, my title fits me being delayed with my blogging responsibilities. I don’t know where the time goes. I want to make sure I highlight some more businesses, especially those window cleaners. I love window cleaners, I’ve been married to one for almost 34 years. However, I think he lost his squeegee a while back . Thank goodness for younger family members who picked up the trade.

Let’s travel to Maryland. Somewhere between Washington DC and Baltimore – please excuse my lack of geographical expertise – there is a well-established business called JENCOR Services. Owned by Dwight Rowe, they cannot wait to live up to their motto which is “Making Them Shine One at a Time.” Check out their website to fully get how professional they are, and to check out all their services, and the areas they serve. I am still wondering who cleans the White House windows. This one is close, but I am pretty sure those windows are done in-house.

Now that the hummers are back, I think I need my windows cleaned.

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I always enjoy highlighting a window cleaning business in my blog. This morning I decided to feature the company with the first post I saw on Facebook that was a window cleaner I was friends with. Fortunately, I found one who set the theme for my day.

REFLECTIONS WINDOW CLEANING not only sets a great example in the business, its  well presented website reflects genuine customer service from the heart. If you live in or near Spokane, Washington, make sure you check them out for window cleaning, pressure washing or gutter cleaning. 

Later in the morning, I went to a weekly study group I attend. We talked about how we see beauty, and how it is a reflection of love or a higher power.  It reminded me of how I seem very attracted to artwork and photos that show reflections. Lately, I have been learning how to use my right brain a bit more and paint with watercolor pencils. Ponds that have reflections in them seem to jump out and grab me.

This was on of my favorite ones to use as a model.

Later today, this all led to me studying more about reflections and mirror images. If you want to learn a bit about mirror images, check out  Amoeba Crunch. It explains quite well how reflections occur. Clean windows allow wonderful reflections.

I warned you I was going to ramble.

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I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.
– Abraham Lincoln

Like I did last year, I am displaying Frank’s Flags to decorate my blog for the Fourth. We lost Frank this year, but his flags will live on.

We will be celebrating the holiday outside our windows on the patio with family and friends, sans any fireworks. If you live in New Mexico, please refrain from lighting anything. And, no matter where you live enjoy your weekend.

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