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Thank goodness I took  a picture immediately. My little grand-daughter, Kylie, brought me 3 frogs this morning from her other grandparents’ home. We decided they would be a great addition to the fish pond outside my windows. One went into hiding quickly, while the other two found the water-lily pads. Then they left the pond and found a hiding place as well.

I am sure hoping they love their new home and make an appearance when the sun goes down. Between fish, hummers and now frogs, outside my usually clean windows is my favorite place.



Do you have some smaller paned windows that need some privacy or color? 

Now you can get our wallpaper for windows in a smaller sizes to accommodate the multi-light windows.

Colorful window tint  from ForYourWindows is easy to apply without any adhesive. If you are hesitant about accurate sizing we offer  a “trim to size”  service too.

Check out all the selections, and have fun!

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Oh where, oh where has my little blog gone
Oh where, oh where can it be
With its words cut short and its time too long
Oh where, oh where can it be?


What can I say.

If yours are dirty – HIRE A PROFESSIONAL!

If you need to dress them up a bit – visit our store and check out our selections.

In the meantime, I promise to get over the dog days of summer and find some wise window words soon.


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Yesterday, I attended a fun workshop called No BS Marketing Power Circle. I enjoyed it mostly because it did a great job of mixing new and old strategies to promote a business. The topic at this meeting was Informational Marketing.

I still get amazed at how easy it is to get information out these days with social networking, blogs, online videos and even our cell phones. Now we have the power to impart great data to millions within minutes.

Don’t mind me for seeming naively impressed, but when you recall what seems to be yesterday that it took a week or more to turn around a advertising flyer. And then, in the 90’s we could actually burn a CD to hand to someone. Wow, that was really cool.

Technology…information…wonder what is next tomorrow. Rolling right in to giving you some. Glenn, that window expert I have been married to for 34 years, took these before and after pics at an installation yesterday. I really like the view outside the doors, but the customer wanted some privacy too. 

Then, we have the after picture.

These are the Hunter-Douglas Architella cellular shades he installed. Not only are they attractive, they insulate well and qualify the customer for a tax-rebate.

Amazing to be able to use a cell phone (with a camera), a computer and a blog to present information in a matter of minutes. So tell me, why do I have an old-fashioned, file folder, that says For Your Windows, with sticky notes all over it, on my desk?

Guess I still like that blend of old and new.

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I have a confession to make. I really know nothing about curtains. Over my lifetime, I have sewn some, hung some and admired some, but I had never sold one until I launched For Your Windows. Thanks to the great manufacturer who custom makes the orders for our customers, I am learning a few things. 

This cherry-blossom swag was just shipped to a customer. Sure hope she likes it.

Before the end of the 1500’s, people used inside wooden shutters to keep light out, as well as the cold. Later, tapestry style curtains were used over doors, and they often matched wall hangings that decorated concrete walls . In France and Italy, fancy velvet curtains were seen adorning beds.

Eighteenth century England began using softer and lighter fabrics in pairs around windows. Swagging the fabric and using tassels or ornaments on the curtains also became popular. 

In the 1970’s, the English Country House styles became fashionable. The cherry-blossom swag in the picture is evidence that the style still works for the right window.

Makes me want an English Country House. Do you have a window that needs a pretty swag curtain? Check out the selection at our online store.

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