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Way back when, at the beginning of 2011, I had the privilege of guest blogging for the SEARS hometown blog. They rewarded me with a $75 gift certificate that is waiting patiently to be won by one of my blog subscribers. (I was tempted, but I did not spend it.)

Not without strings attached, however. But they are short strings!

Here is what you need to do for your name to be in our $75 SEARS GIVEAWAY.

1) Subscribe to the ForYourWindows blog (it’s free and you are here anyway) And, be sure you confirm your subscription when you get the email to do so!

2) LIKE the ForYourWindows fan page

3) Comment here on the blog about how you will spend the $75

   I told you they were short strings!

The giveaway will take place Friday, October 21, 2011.


We really did start the kitchen makeover. Not done yet.




I never heard of these either!

Called a Monkey Cup, the tropical plant’s real name is Nepenthes. It enjoys eating insects and has found a way to make sure the bugs’ sticky feet do not grab onto the inside surface. Whatever is going on in the interior walls of this plant has inspired a new idea having to do with frying pans and window cleaning. Slippery Liquid-Infused Porous Surface (SLIPS) is the result. What makes those little bugs slide down the plant’s walls will also be good for non-stick pans and self cleaning windows. Pretty interesting concept, but I would not fire my window cleaner yet. Check out the full story here.

When I was really young, like under 10, we had a carnivorous plant in our yard that looked like this. I have never seen one since. I recall it had a very weird scent.

I would like some in a new greenhouse outside my windows. Wonder if they would survive here in the Southwest. 



For Your Windows is proud to announce the addition of Outside Your Windows!

I could no longer hold back. I just happen to spend a good portion of my time in my sun room office. It has no quality cheap window coverings (those adorn windows in other rooms of my home), just usually clean windows. I like my windows clean so I can see out of them to enjoy the plants and birds. It seems only fitting to offer products that compliment those pleasures.

Please visit the new department and let me know what you think.

One of the Bird Feeders.

A Greenhouse Selection

Make sure you check out all the new selections. There is something for everyone.



Hooray! The For Your Windows Fan Page reached over 200 fans. In celebration, For Your Windows, is giving away a $30 OFFICE DEPOT gift card.

After a random drawing, we have a winner!

Drum roll please.

Congratulations goes to Mary Rafferty. She owns a neat restaurant called Raff’s Cafe in Haverhill, Massachusetts. I bet she can always use some pens, etc.

Thanks everyone for your support. Look on the fan page and here at the blog soon for a new giveaway. It’s a good one. 

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When I first launched For Your Windows, I wanted to make the site different than other online stores that offered window coverings. Because my background is in the window cleaning industry, I have included promoting a “clean window” philosophy even though I could not easily add window cleaning nationwide to my store for you to purchase. My HIRE A PROFESSIONAL theme is fun because it allows me to get acquainted with and support window cleaners all over the US.

Looking back over my blog (yeah, this one), I cannot help but notice my tendency to ramble on about what goes on outside my windows. I am fortunate to work in a wonderful sun room that has the feel of being in an overgrown bird sanctuary, fish pond included.

Since I love “outside my windows” I think it is appropriate to add products to For Your Windows that have the potential to enhance “outside your windows” as well as mine. Not much would do that better than bird feeders and greenhouses.

Just one of the many styles.

And, one choice for the birdies.

The new items will be up on the site within a few days. Can’t wait to have more selections for outside or inside of any of our windows!



My last post mentioned that I would be adding new items to For Your Windows. Nope, naked ladies are not the items. However, the Naked Lady aka Spider Lily aka Lycoris Radiata blooms are back outside my windows.

These coral (a favorite color) blooms adorn the fish pond every September. This September I have at least 20 more fishies in the pond, and 3 frogs that I have not seen once since we added them over 2 weeks ago. Won’t it be funny if next year we have bunches of them anyway?

At least, my windows are sparkly clean. Are yours?

New products will be on site soon!

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You know me, if it has to do with windows I will find it.  And, if you can add Josh Groban singing along with it, that’s even better.


The For Your Windows store will be offering some new items soon, ones that I want outside my windows.  In the meantime,  why not hire a professional to clean your windows for fall. I had mine cleaned today by My Window Man, and they look wonderful.

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The first Monday in September, here in the USA, is labeled Labor Day. Explain that to a child. We get the day off to celebrate working.

In some areas it really does mean end of summer and time to start school. Not here in New Mexico, where the kids went back sometime in August. 

I know! After this Monday, we are not allowed to wear white. Time to clean out our closets. However, here we are still hitting over 90 degrees, and I am not willing to retire my white flip flops for the year.

I have a plan. How about we all enjoy a wonderful Labor Day weekend. When it is over, we can see where we sit in terms of all the rules. Return  next week, with or without white accessories, to think about fall.

Happy Labor Day!

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