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Exactly a year ago, I did a blog post called Regarding February. Well, here we are again. Thank goodness it is almost over, because it is just not my favorite month. However, we are having such a mild winter, I have decided to view it as getting ready for spring.

As a result, I contacted My Window Man here in Albuquerque, which means I talked to Maria who was highlighted in my last post, and I invited them over to make my windows sparkle. Lo and behold, my grandson Hunter, who just celebrated his fifth birthday,  tried his hand at holding a squeegee.

The way time flies it won’t be long until he accompanies his dad more often. Not sure how many he cleaned, but they all look so much better. 

Thanks, My Window Man!

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In a world that changes by the minute it is always nice to experience stick-to-it-iveness at least sometimes. On February 7, 1986, I interviewed Maria to be the nanny for my kids which included two month old twins. She was the best choice, and as an extra bonus she was a twin herself. We lived in California back then, and we were just getting the second My Window Man up and running.

About two years later we sold that company, along with a start up in LA. We invited Maria to move with us to Albuquerque, and she agreed. As our needs changed, Maria blended right into the transitions. This past Tuesday, she celebrated her 26th anniversary.  She now works for our daughter, Stephanie, who was 4 years old when Maria was her nanny. When Stephanie was younger she babysat Maria’s daughter, and that same daughter (Melissa) has put in time babysitting Stephanie’s kids as well.  All of the aforementioned kids feel very comfortable hanging around a My Window Man. Any one of them can wield a phone or a squeegee.

Dedicated employees like Maria do not come around everyday. 

      We appreciate you!

I am not sure it could happen, but I think For Your Windows needs one of you. 

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