For Your Windows


on April 2, 2012

My Gardenia plant, that sits inside my sunroom/office windows, took a rest for about a year, and now it is back manifesting lovely blooms.

The fragrance is wonderful, and I am looking forward to at least 10 more buds to open.

Here is the second one, just opened this morning.

I am grateful it blooms, since I have to remove spider mite often from it. Glad I did not toss it back when I first spotted the little buggers. It is also surviving fairly well in a very dry climate even though it thrives best in high humidity.

I did not know that gardenias are also known as cape jasmine. The gardenia is the national flower of Pakistan, and supposedly it was Freud’s favorite flower. Billie Holiday wore them in her hair as a sort of trademark. I used to wear them in my hair too, only I do not sing anywhere near as well.

Just a little more time and the hummers will be back too!  I love spring.

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