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on April 27, 2012

And, I am not talking about friends or neighbors.

This spring in Albuquerque we are witnessing an extra heavy onslaught of Miller moths making their way through town. These large moths are found more in Europe, but Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico also have their share. Each morning I get up to just as many inside my windows as outside my windows. These little travelers have been the topic of many conversations and news stories over the past few days for sure. 

When they first showed up earlier this week, I found myself reminded of  various movies I have seen. You know… where the horror of invaders starts with a simple phrase, like “Gee, there are sure a lot of moths around this morning.”  Then, by evening, you have to stay inside as the town gets gobbled up. 

Fortunately, they only hang around for a week or so. I look forward to them being out of sight and out of mind. I have proof they so not survive well if you put a pool of soapy water underneath a light. At least a few dozen have taken the dive here this week.

 So, that is what happened to the Millers inside my windows.


  1. Yuk!! I remember those things… I was a squeemish kid and I could not stand those icky things… hope they don’t last long…

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