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Sheer Delight For Your Windows

on May 30, 2017

Wow, I am impressed with the selection of sheer curtains at Best Home Fashion.  This one has celery for trim, but it also comes with sage, black or red, and they all have quite an impact. Having just worked hard to redo my own bedroom decor, I wish I could have a different room for each style I love. Sheers do not do much for insulation, but sometimes it is all about aesthetics. If some privacy is desired, but you still want to see outside, they are perfect.

It would be impossible to show the huge selection of sheers available, so make sure you visit them personally to enjoy the beauty.  And, if you have need for more coverage, even blackout, they also have many choices for that as well. You will also find plenty of pillows, throws, rugs and other accessories to match. You can be sure to get 10 percent off, and they have a flat shipping rate of $7.99 on orders under $50. All orders over $50 are shipped FREE!  Okay, one more pretty pic for your sheer delight!

Available in pink or purple

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