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on August 8, 2017

The bolder print, along with pictures below, comprise a post I wrote in 2010. The restaurant I refer to is going strong, treating customers with lots of care. I am in a “hungry for good customer service” mood so I decided to revisit the feelings I hold about good customer service. When I go to the grocery store today, I am heading to a different one than normal. I have shopped at the same well known store in several of its locations for a very long time. They have made many changes over the last 18 months and I have been patient. I have talked to people at the top of the food chain and filled out surveys, telling them how I feel. I spend a lot of money there, but I do not think they care. I am a very loyal customer. I think it is sad that it does not seem to matter.

I love good customer service! I am looking forward to this evening because I will be dining at a new restaurant that was opened a few weeks ago by some neighbors. They had another one a few years back that they sold, and whenever I went there I got treated like royalty. I am sure the food will be good too, but the customer service is what will make it really enjoyable.

Years ago, when I first started in the service industry, and the yellow pages were the major force behind advertising, I remember reading in some of their promotion the results to a survey they had conducted. Ninety percent of the people surveyed said that how they were treated was more important than the quality of the work done.

When I ran our window cleaning businesses, I noticed that customers were left with a strange sort of hunger if they got bad service. One time when I asked a woman what exactly she wanted us to come back for, she had a hard time pinning it down. Windows were clean she told me, but something was not quite right. It all boiled down to our employee treating her disrespectfully. Fortunately, I was able to save the situation and the customer; did not save the employee. I learned early on to listen and let the customer vent for as long as they needed without interruption before I jumped in to solve the problem. That venting usually soothed more that my solving did.

It is easy to say that good customer service is just plain common sense. However, in today’s world, where common sense often seems lost, ¬†great customer service is sometimes not very common. When you experience wonderful service make sure you shout it to the world, including to those responsible. When it is not so good, offer some correction, if possible, with a touch of forgiveness. Make sure if you train younger employees as part of your duties that you never assume they have common sense. Teach them that how they treat people is right up there, and maybe surpasses, the actual work itself, and happy customers equals returning and referring customers.

So, I am off to enjoy good company, good food and wonderful customer service.

So today, I am off to to something similar, along with hopefully finding lower prices. Wish me luck on my test run!

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