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on November 21, 2017

I almost titled this post wrong. Our family celebrated Thanksgiving this past Sunday because it meant the whole family could be there. With other commitments it just is not possible to do on the actual day. I thought about using “faux” or “pseudo” in the titled, and then I realized that “real” was much more appropriate. I was so grateful to have EVERYONE there, with no one missing and even a few extra. That meant all five kids and their mates, and all six grand-kids. No one posed for these pictures, but you get the idea.

Not everyone make it into the pictures, including me, but the vast group is obvious. Thank goodness for a huge living/dining area at daughter’s home. And we even got the littlest member, Oliver, who was born way early at about one and a half pounds and still has a feeding apparatus at age three, to enjoy some pumpkin pie with his uncle Stace. We are all super happy when he eats!

All went well, ending off with a beautiful sunset seen from the foothills of Albuquerque.

So, while I am being so self-indulgent, I will add the part about the new dog who lives at my house. He looks like a little deer, and he really is a little dear. Meet Prancer.

He enjoyed the day as well, and now he knows the whole family.

A real Thanksgiving is when you can enjoy it with family, friends and pets, no matter what day it is. I hope all of you are as fortunate as I am.

Gratitude is easy, and it is free.


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