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Where did 2011 go?

Here I am talking about cleaning for the holiday season, but it is that time. Now, if you are really set on washing your own windows, please use a mild degreasant, clean water and a real squeegee. Otherwise, you end up with a mess and streaks. Keep in mind, you might find yourself like this…

If you have never had them done professionally, treat yourself and HIRE A PROFESSIONAL. Over the next month, I will remind you of a few favorites around the US. If I don’t hit your area, request in the comments and I will find you one.

Albuquerque, NM                            MY WINDOW MAN   

Ventura County, CA                      MY WINDOW MAN  

San Diego, CA                                    MY WINDOW MAN  

PENNSYLVANIA                          Noble Window Cleaning

MINNEAPOLIS/ST PAUL            Freedom Cleaning

SOUTHERN CALIF                   PacifiClear Window Cleaning  

This is just a start – I will add more later. Plan ahead, schedule soon.

If you need to dress them up with blinds, shades, curtains or window wallpaper, For Your Windows is ready to serve you online.

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I ran into an article recently concerning what happens, or doesn’t happen, when working on plans for building. Anyone who has worked in janitorial or window cleaning has probably asked at least once, “What were they thinking?” Sometimes windows stay dirty for many years because nobody figures out how to get to them.

In that same article there was a great list put together by an insurance specialist who really did his homework.  I found it amazing that architects never get asked the right questions to make sure the building can be maintained. Planning ahead can be very helpful.

Design Flaw Sampler/Housekeeping

  1. Installing doors and elevators that are too narrow to accommodate service equipment.
  2. Installing discontinued or obsolete equipment.
  3. Making entryways too small to handle foot traffic.
  4. Installing lighting that is impossible to service.
  5. A 3-foot-by-5-foot janitor closet with a 3-foot-wide door that opens in.
  6. Installing window systems that cannot be cleaned or serviced easily.
  7. Installing cheap paint that cannot be cleaned.
  8. Failure to install floor drains.
  9. Failure to install appropriate water and snow deflection systems at entrances.
  10. Installing carpet or flooring that shows dirt daily or blue carpet with an asphalt parking lot.

— Steve Spencer, Facilities Specialist in Cleaning and Maintenance State Farm Insurance, Bloomington, Ill.

Homeowners could get some ideas from this too, especially if they are building a dream house. 

Meanwhile, here is a great example of someone solving the problem after the fact.





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A woman was taking a bath when she heard her doorbell ring.  “Who is it?” she said. “Blind man,” was the answer.  “I’ll be right there,” she said.
Without putting clothes on, she went to the door. A surprised man said,
“where do you want these venetian blinds?”
Hey, not so far fetched. The first sign we ever had professionally done, when we owned My Window Man, had to be redone.  The window cleaning fellow I am married to, well he used to work a squeegee anyway, was so proud of his new sign.  He parked the pickup so he could show it to me, and I sorta gasped. It read:
Looking back at the scenario now, I guess it would have been okay, but there was something about it that worried me in terms of doing a perfect job.
To even make this whole blind and bathtub thing funnier, it was not that far back that taking your Venetian blinds to the bathtub to clean them was the obvious solution. I would not recommend this now, especially if you are visually impaired. In fact, I would not suggest it even if your eye sight is perfect. Why not HIRE A PROFESSIONAL!  My Window Man in Albuquerque will clean them for you.  I am sure you can find a service that does them in your area too.
If yours are a lost cause, check out some quality, cheap, new ones to replace those that are not worth cleaning.  For Your Windows solves that problem, and we ship NATIONWIDE.
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Seems like just yesterday that I first visited the Space Needle in Seattle. It was actually in 1967, 5 years after it made its debut at the 1962 World’s Fair. This blog post was suppose to be up yesterday, but I got side-tracked looking for pictures of that trip. Darn, I never did find the one I wanted, but because I looked for so long I am going to include this one. There I am standing at the bottom in my brushed corduroy print suit and orange shoes. I know, it is at the bottom not the top, and I did go to the top, but the only picture I managed to find of that is even more boring than this one.

Okay, now my searching at least seems somewhat worthwhile.

The first time the Space Needle had its windows washed was in 2008 (46 years) when a very professional cleaning crew literally hung around for several overnight gigs to clean the structure.

The team who did the work said it was actually a very safe project thanks to a lot of preparation.

Yeah, and a crazy desire for adrenaline rushes me thinks.

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No matter what you call them, faux, false or fake, there are places and reasons for decorating windows with wood blinds that are not created from real wood, but look as though they are, at least almost.

Budget is not the only reason to dress up a window with a faux wood blind, and yes they do cost less. A real wood blind warps easier if it is exposed to a lot of sun. Cleaning real wood blinds also requires oiling them.

If you want an easy care window covering that will clean up like an aluminum blind, and hold up better with heat and sun, check out the simple selections at For Your Windows. Our special discount is still good through this weekend if you buy 3 items.

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