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A while back, I posted about certain window treatments actually qualifying for the same tax credit that window replacement does through the end of this year. The catch is you cannot use the tax credit for both windows and window coverings, and there is only one type of shade from one company that qualifies.

If your goal is to insulate, please keep in mind that any of the cellular shades will contribute to that immensely,because when pulled down they create an air space between the window and the shade that will protect cool air from entering your home from the outside winter temperatures.

Cellular shades are one of your best choices for insulation and also for darkening a room. You can match them up easily with other window decor without ruining the ambiance.

For Your Windows offers single cell choices pictured in the online store. Double cell can be ordered through the SPECIAL ORDER department, as well as the triple cell that qualify for tax credit.

If you purchase 3 items, be sure to use the promo code shown on the home page to receive $10.00 off your order. Offer expires November 15, 2010.

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No rumors here. I told you I would report back on research done a few days back.

First, about using home improvement tax credit to purchase energy efficient window treatments. Yes there is something available, and yes you do have to jump through some hoops. Hunter Douglas manufactures a triple cell cellular shade that qualifies for the same tax credit available for window replacement. You cannot use both situations for two different credits. There are also other requirements; your windows have to be newer and energy efficient to begin with. For Your Windows does offer these through our SPECIAL ORDER department.

The fiberglass window issue was very appealing to my husband, who immediately left home to check them out. Many of the major window manufacturers are now using fiberglass. Turns out that they are not that expensive and there are major benefits, including energy efficiency and fewer leakers because of less contracting and expanding. He likes them a lot and highly recommends them to anyone considering window replacement. Remember  the tax credit ends this year, and at this point it is a mystery as to whether their price will increase or decrease with popularity.

Great example of fiberglass windows. Also, perfect example of why you should HIRE A PROFESSIONAL to clean them. Those little panes are a pain to clean.

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Yep, there we are again talking about windows. I avoided talking about the tax credit issue concerning replacement windows for quite awhile and now I know why, it presents me with a definite challenge.

I will start with the reality part, and please keep in mind I am a novice at this information. After almost 30 years in window related businesses, maybe it is about time, but that is not the hat I wore through those years.  I am presenting it as a guideline to at least lead you in the right direction if you are looking to replace windows, build a new house and take advantage of the tax credit that is good through the end of this year.

Only if you are as naive as I was, do you need to know that the list below has to do with the frame of a window. (Please don’t make me explain as it makes me look pretty stupid.)

WOOD: These are more expensive, look very nice and the maintenance is the most challenging.

ALUMINUM: The cost is a lot less, and because aluminum contract and expands more (especially the darker colors) windows that leak are more common.

VINYL: Also a lower cost, and subject to warping and UV damage.

FIBERGLASS: Interesting! Hubby, who has been around lot’s of windows is actually out researching this one. Does not think he has ever seen. I do know they are top of the line without as many problems, which means they cost more. Good time for a tax credit. I will report back on his findings.

He did give me his opinion on what he would do if we were replacing right now. Budget allowing, he would choose Pella Windows and that means wood frames. Cheaper, he would check out vinyl. Budget and climate are definitely determining factors when making a choice.

Now for the rumor part, which he is also digging up info on. There is buzz out there about getting to apply tax credit for certain types of window treatments, especially cellular shades. That would be very cool, and I guess it means the government trusts our behavior more than I thought since it means we have to remember to keep them in the right position…the shades not the government.

More to come on this for sure!



This morning I had a heart to heart with my ex-window washer husband.

Yes, he is still my husband, but no he does not wash windows anymore. I thought it time to post about the tax credit that is still available through the end of the year if you meet certain requirements in the process of replacing your windows.(Keep in mind this does not include changing from Vista to XP or Windows 7 which is also a good idea, and might warrant a reward as well.)

I realized from the get-go why I had put off this conversation. Now I am glad I dove in because it gave me a lot of  good data to post about for at least a year. Please keep in mind that hubby has been around a lot of windows since the early 1980’s, and his opinions are not always politically correct.

Well, I promise not to get political, incorrectly or correctly, but I will do my best to impart some information in upcoming posts about windows and their impact on your energy bills. One thing is for sure, if you have considered replacing your windows now is a good time to do so even if the main reason is aesthetics. You might as well get a tax credit while upgrading the look of your home, and it is a fact that over a period of years you will save some on your energy bills. By the way, window coverings such as solar shades, cellular shades and insulated drapes will also do that. No tax credit for those, and they also require certain behavior on your part.

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I am really not intending to steal from the late Paul Harvey; this is the rest of yesterday’s story.

Check out the data behind the Eco Friendly Building shown in yesterday’s blog, the tall one with hexagon shaped windows. This type of structure takes advantage of sun and wind to save on energy. Pretty neat!

And, get a load of the inside view.      

Still need to contact some window cleaners from China to learn the window cleaning secret, if there is one.

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