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Okay, you have probably already scheduled a professional to clean your windows for fall – definitely my choice. Well, at least you have planned on cleaning them yourself. Right? Either way, you might have some clean and/or naked windows that need window coverings. 

Before you go to the local box store, and pay sales tax, consider visiting online to take advantage of their fall specials. They have blinds, shades, cellular shades and many other options to cover up those naked windows, or those ones that suffer from dilapidated old stuff. They offer great customer service and have quick delivery. They even show you how to measure correctly.


If you have already shopped and know what brand you want, you can probably find it at They have all the name brands and that is backed up with 45 years of experience. I bet you will find exactly what you want to dress up your windows!

Top picture: MAR 2 inch wood blind.

Bottom picture: Roman shade.

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That is certainly what I keep reminding myself anyway. I was a literature major in college, and the book You Can’t Go Home Again, by Thomas Wolfe, often comes to mind, especially since I do not live in the town I grew up in. That novel deals with growing up and learning to depend on yourself. Fortunately, I have never felt like going back home was a problem. I always enjoy returning to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. However, I have to admit, I love having the never-ending blue sky that New Mexico offers, and Portland forgets at times.

It seems like I have not been home forever. I cannot believe it has been 4 years, and that is a record for me. I am definitely looking forward to visiting this coming April.

If you live in Portland, or in the surrounding area, and your main window coverings consist of cobwebs, maybe you should consider a good cleaning over the holiday season. I know just the place if you want your home cleaned perfectly.

Sparkling Palaces is an eco-friendly housecleaning service ready to take pride in making your palace sparkle for sure. Whether you want a one time deep cleaning or an ongoing plan, they are ready to provide you great service.

After you get the cobwebs out of there, check out some Window Wallpaper! Great ideas for the holidays too!

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With gift giving for the holidays coming up soon, here is a unique idea for those on your list who are tough to buy for.

These are very likely the most elite squeegees around, and they will accent the most elegant bathroom to use on the inside of the shower, to keep surfaces free of gunk caused by all that moisture. If you don’t want to be that extravagant, there is a cheaper model available too.

Check out CLER’ET for very unusual squeegees and potential holiday shopping ideas!

If you have any windows in your bathroom that offer too much view from the outside in, check out Wallpaper For Windows at For Your Windows. You can have light, privacy and decor all at the same time.

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Not too long ago, I highlighted a friend (who I met on FB) in my blog. He and his wife Mardi own and operate a cleaning business in Minnesota called Freedom Cleaning Services, and they do windows.

Mike has a great blog that I always read, and yesterday he blogged about squirrels. I guess that proves that we bloggers are often on the same wavelength, or it may only prove that this is the time for squirrels outside our windows. Either way, enjoy Mike’s observation.


If you live near Minneapolis/St Paul area hire this professional company for sure!



All my years in the window cleaning business and I can honestly and proudly say, “I don’t do windows.” I talked to a lot of customers, handled many problems, and hired many window cleaners, even fired a few, and I have sold window cleaning companies. I have had dreams (nightmares) about going to a customer’s home with a bucket and squeegee because we were short washers, but I have never actually washed any of their windows.

In the future I will highlight other types of businesses that service homes, other than window cleaners. However, some of those industrious business owners have added window cleaning to what they do otherwise.

If you live in the Minneapolis/St Paul area check out Freedom Cleaning Services. They do just about any cleaning job at your home. It is family owned, reasonably priced and very customer service oriented. They also participate in CLEANING FOR A REASON, helping women who are receiving treatment for cancer.

Guess what, unlike me THEY DO WINDOWS!  And, today is the owner’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Mike.



Today I will make this short and simple. For those of you who do not know of these two organizations, please visit their sites. Both of them have created a network of residential housecleaning services that will donate cleaning to people who qualify.

I love this idea and  I am personally going to work on locating businesses in my area that also like the idea and are willing to participate.

CLEANING FOR HEROES helps qualified men and women that are veterans. It also includes policemen and firemen.

CLEANING FOR A REASON provides cleaning for women who are undergoing treatment for cancer.

Please visit their websites. Even if you are not in the business, you still can help in other ways.  If you are on Facebook, visit their pages and click on the LIKE button.

I love this idea. I hope you do too.