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Yep, that gardenia plant is still blooming inside my windows.

It probably has at least 10 more buds on it to open up soon.

Then there are the roses outside my windows by the fountain.

I do think it must be spring. I hope you are enjoying yours as much as I am mine.

A few spring cleaning tips regarding your windows.

  •  Make sure the sprinklers are turned away from the glass
  • Hire a professional to clean them
  • If you insist doing them yourself, use a mild degreasant and a squeegee please
  • Make sure you keep the screens clean
  • Hire a professional to clean them … did I already say that?
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And, I don’t mean I am feeling pressured or the sun is hot today. I mean my heat is on! I have not had the heat on in our house for almost a month, and today, May 1st, I broke down and turned it on. It is like winter has to make one more statement before getting the heck out of here.

The winds are hitting over 40 mph, the high temperature today might reach 48 – this coming Thursday the temperature is suppose to get to 85. The hummingbirds are trying to visit the feeders outside my windows, but they are finding it quite challenging, to say the least.

Visualize a nice warm day. Let’s visit Orlando, Florida. Their high today today will be 88, and we could go to Disney World.  Millions of visitors head that way every year to visit all the attractions.

Over two million people live in Orlando. That also means lots of windows. If your windows reside in Orlando, check out hiring a professional.  Absolute Window Cleaning not only cleans windows and screens, they do pressure washing,blind and shutter cleaning,  gutter cleaning and screen replacement. Have a business? They accommodate commercial too.

To avoid getting blown away, I think I will stay inside today, clean my kitchen and maybe finish the book I am reading.

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So did you hire that professional window cleaner yet? Thought I would suggest a few more in a couple areas, just in case.

McMahon Window Cleaning if you live in the Chicago area not only does windows, they also clean gutters and and do power washing.

See Clearly Window Cleaning in Portland, Oregon is owned by a nephew we trained many years ago. (Hi Keith) He also will replace your screens.

In the future, I will offer a more complete list on this blog.

Improve your viewpoint. HIRE A PROFESSIONAL!

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My last post talked about weather. Weather should hardly ever determine whether you clean your windows or not, especially if it is just rain.

What will mess things up if it rains on clean windows is dirty screens. Hopefully, you have decided to hire a professional to clean your windows, and they will brush the screens or possibly wash them down depending on what their system is. Make sure you find that out so you can plan ahead, and make sure one way or another the screens will be clean when the windows are finished.

For those of you who are cleaning the windows yourselves, a good dry brushing may do the trick. If you want to scrub them, remove them from the window, use a dry stiff brush (even a wider paint brush just for that works), then apply soapy water and rinse from top to bottom to finish. Clean your windows (please use a squeegee) and put the screen back in.

If any screens are old and bent, consider replacing them. A lot of window cleaners will do that as well, or they know where to go for new ones.

Another reason to HIRE A PROFESSIONAL!

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Two days of blue sky morning has convinced me to post the original WHAT WINDOWS WANT. Hopefully, you are chomping at the bit this weekend and are ready to check out your windows. My almost ready to publish website is for window coverings, but why bother to dress up any window if it is not able to look great naked. So, what do windows want?

I will cover cleaning in a few, but there are 3 other things you need to check out as well. Worn out screens need to be replaced as they really detract from appearance. Water spots caused by misdirected sprinklers look bad and eventually damage the glass. (Will cover more on that in a later post.) Make sure fully-armed plants such as rose bushes are cut back so they do not scratch the glass.

The cleaning part is so easy.  Hire a professional. Okay, I know some of you will never do that. Then buy a great quality squeegee and DO NOT USE ANYTHING but a mild wetting agent (liquid dish soap in very small amount). Oh, and make sure you tackle this without direct sunlight.

Best tip…HIRE A PROFESSIONAL. They are not expensive and it really does improve your outlook on life!