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Pillows That POP!

I just bought some pillow covers when I was redecorating the bedroom so I am definitely tuned into patterns, colors and prices. They are a great way to cover up an older or faded pillow.


Linen Blend Moroccan Pillow Cover

Check out these covers from Best Home Fashion. They would be so cool for patio furniture, or to spice up any living space.

Normally $14.99, right now they are on sale for only $3.99 each!

 Flax linen blend
– Detailed with a hidden zipper closure
– Insert not included
– Made of 20% linen, 80% polyester
– Sold individually
– Measures 18″wide x 18″ long

Wouldn’t they make your patio furniture pop!


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Surprise! Red Hot Cherry Peppers

2016-08-29 12.29.51

I love having a garden outside my windows, even if it is limited. This year we chose to only plant tomatoes and peppers. We usually pick a Santa Fe hot pepper, but because we decided to grow from seeds this year, we really did not know which one to buy. Somehow we ended up with more than one kind and these were the first to harvest. I had no clue! They look like tomatoes!

Thank goodness for the internet. Put in the right words and you can find anything. Unfortunately, I did not learn enough before I tasted it. The flesh is pretty mild and has a sweet background taste. Feeling safe, I decided to pop the remainder in my mouth. Oh my! That only lasted a half sec. The seeds are very, very hot! My tongue was on fire for at least an hour.

These peppers are popular for pickling and stuffing. Their flesh is too tough for drying. However, you can chop them to add to salads or sauteed veggies, and even salsa.

Just a reminder: Stay away from the seeds! If you have ever cooked with these, please let me know what you did with them.

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And, I am not talking about friends or neighbors.

This spring in Albuquerque we are witnessing an extra heavy onslaught of Miller moths making their way through town. These large moths are found more in Europe, but Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico also have their share. Each morning I get up to just as many inside my windows as outside my windows. These little travelers have been the topic of many conversations and news stories over the past few days for sure. 

When they first showed up earlier this week, I found myself reminded of  various movies I have seen. You know… where the horror of invaders starts with a simple phrase, like “Gee, there are sure a lot of moths around this morning.”  Then, by evening, you have to stay inside as the town gets gobbled up. 

Fortunately, they only hang around for a week or so. I look forward to them being out of sight and out of mind. I have proof they so not survive well if you put a pool of soapy water underneath a light. At least a few dozen have taken the dive here this week.

 So, that is what happened to the Millers inside my windows.

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Okay, you were probably born in some decade last century. Maybe the 60’s or the 40’s or something like that. Please tell me, when my four younger grandchildren, all born between 2003 and 2008, are older how will they refer to the decade they were born in?  Having done a bit of research, I find that I am not the only person asking this question. Over the past 10 years there has been no consistent agreement on this.

Here are some of the choices.

1) The 2000’s

2) The aughties

3) The aught naughts

4) The naughties

5) The oh oh’s

6) The ohsies

7) The twenty hundreds

And now we are in the in-betweens maybe? Or is it the “tens”?

You would think that because this problem existed at the turn of the last  two centuries, someone would have found a solution. I think we need to come to an agreement on this  so we can hand it down to our future generations. 

I started For Your Windows in 2010. What is your suggestion on how I can refer to that later?



At the risk of leaning to politics, which I am not doing on this blog, I want to mention Dixville Notch. If you do not know what or where that is, don’t feel bad. I am probably older than most of you, and I was not familiar with it either.

Each election year, New Hampshire is the first to hold a primary. Dixville Notch actually opens their polls at midnight and closes them a few minutes later after their small population has cast their votes.

Last night they had nine voters, which was a bit lower than normal. This event has been going on since 1960. The interesting thing about it, is that since 1968, whoever got the most votes for the Republican nomination has won it again for the general election.  Last night there was a tie. Wonder what that will bring.

I find this intriguing. Maybe it is all just coincidental, but small happenings can sometimes manifest much bigger phenomena. Never underestimate the power of a tiny idea.

I bet Dixville Notch is lacking a brick and mortar location that sells window coverings. Guess what! For Your Windows offers what you need at its online store, and it ships nationwide.



I have been thinking a lot lately about marketing, customer service and how both relate to our spending habits and the economy. Nothing like “Black Friday” to stimulate some interesting thoughts.

Back in the 1970’s, I had a retail business in a mall. That particular day kicked off the holiday shopping season. Sometimes it was good and sometimes it was a let-down. Back then the term “Black Friday” had not really spread into all areas as it was a pretty new concept connoting that merchants would actually see “black” instead of “red” in their cash flow.

As a consumer, I still do some shopping in stores and a lot online. However, that Friday is a day that I almost always stay home, purposely avoiding the mayhem. This year, I  am amazed at the way this bizarre marketing strategy has literally crushed the whole concept of Thanksgiving.

How much more money will any given business really make if they open up during Thanksgiving Dinner instead of early Friday morning? I could go on and on and on about all the details, but please someone explain the logic.

Could we just close the window to this insanity for good!

The idea for today is to shop local and support small businesses in your area. I like that idea. I am even going to participate now that my Thanksgiving dinner is digested.

If you do shop online, remember to visit For Your Windows. Gift certificates are available at Wallpaper for Windows, and maybe someone you know would like a neat bird feeder or greenhouse, available at the Outside Your Windows department.

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Did you know that decorating “jack-o-lanterns” originated in Ireland? They used to carve out turnips and potatoes. The tradition hooked up with pumpkins in American through Irish immigrants. The name sort of honored a mythical fellow named Stingy Jack who made bargains with the devil. Story has it that Jack carved out a turnip to carry a burning piece of coal the devil gave him…hence, the term “jack-o-lantern.”

And then we have those that sing!


For Your Windows wishes you a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!



My last post mentioned that I would be adding new items to For Your Windows. Nope, naked ladies are not the items. However, the Naked Lady aka Spider Lily aka Lycoris Radiata blooms are back outside my windows.

These coral (a favorite color) blooms adorn the fish pond every September. This September I have at least 20 more fishies in the pond, and 3 frogs that I have not seen once since we added them over 2 weeks ago. Won’t it be funny if next year we have bunches of them anyway?

At least, my windows are sparkly clean. Are yours?

New products will be on site soon!

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A woman was taking a bath when she heard her doorbell ring.  “Who is it?” she said. “Blind man,” was the answer.  “I’ll be right there,” she said.
Without putting clothes on, she went to the door. A surprised man said,
“where do you want these venetian blinds?”
Hey, not so far fetched. The first sign we ever had professionally done, when we owned My Window Man, had to be redone.  The window cleaning fellow I am married to, well he used to work a squeegee anyway, was so proud of his new sign.  He parked the pickup so he could show it to me, and I sorta gasped. It read:
Looking back at the scenario now, I guess it would have been okay, but there was something about it that worried me in terms of doing a perfect job.
To even make this whole blind and bathtub thing funnier, it was not that far back that taking your Venetian blinds to the bathtub to clean them was the obvious solution. I would not recommend this now, especially if you are visually impaired. In fact, I would not suggest it even if your eye sight is perfect. Why not HIRE A PROFESSIONAL!  My Window Man in Albuquerque will clean them for you.  I am sure you can find a service that does them in your area too.
If yours are a lost cause, check out some quality, cheap, new ones to replace those that are not worth cleaning.  For Your Windows solves that problem, and we ship NATIONWIDE.
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For Your Windows now has new things to say on its home page.  That is just a start; I will be re-doing more of it one bite at a time. Also, check out the curtain selection because we have started adding new selections.

I find e-commerce such an interesting critter, and a fun evolution. Having been in business for myself for almost 40 years, I have seen things change a lot, especially methods of marketing. Years ago, I would have never used the words “dummy” or “cheap” to promote anything. Now I use them…and qualify them somewhat…all over my store’s homepage. How things have changed! 

One of the changes to the homepage includes For Your Windows offering a great special right now for SOLAR WINDOW SHADES . Buy two or more items and get 10 per cent off your entire order. Sun Shades will help you keep your energy bill lower and protect any furniture, carpet or art work that gets too much sun. 

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